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In the '90s, everything was amazing. Neon reigned supreme, children were free-range, and no one had ever heard of Kim Kardashian. That's why a '90s throwback is always a win. Millennials (and even Gen Xers) will never say no to reliving the pretechnology glory days. This cultural obsession with nostalgia is part of the brilliance of Bay Skate. Dreamed up by the brotherly duo of Alex and Marcos Macias of Macias Advertising as a way to give Miamians something awesome to do, the event won the Miami Foundation's Public Space Challenge in 2014. The first incarnation, held at Bayfront Park's Pepper Fountain this past February, brought back the days of couples' skates and strobe lights. For one shining night, downtown Miami was skate central, and everyone was invited. With a killer DJ spinning classic skate tunes, hip-hop legend Monie Love making an appearance, and a bay view in the background, it was Kendall's Hot Wheels' heyday all over again. Did we mention it was free? It's time Miami's masses brought their rollerblades out of retirement in preparation for the next installment.

If your favorite position is the downward dog, walk the little fellow over to Skanda Yoga. A unique form of body, mind, and spirit balancing, Skanda is an alignment-based power vinyasa style funneled by the Dreamspell. Can't keep up with this yogi slang? You'll be well-versed after a moon cycle's worth of classes with the guru of Skanda himself: Ken von Roenn III. Just so you know, Dreamspell is based on the 260-day, 13-moon galactic cycle and Mayan calendar, with every day representing a "galactic gateway" that will reveal your truth and align you with nature's cyclical pattern. It's OK to be confused. In simpler terms, every day has a specific energy, which kicks off each yoga class, guides the sequence, and will open you up to the synchronicity of the universe. Take, for instance, red self-existing skywalker, which initiates the exploration and adventure of life, giving you the courage to step outside your comfort zone. Most of this class will be spent upside down (a position you aren't typically in from 9 to 5) in order to grow and surprise yourself both on and off the mat. Still confused? You probably need some Skanda yoga in your life.

Readers' choice: Bikram Hot Yoga Miami

Living in Miami can drive people to crave that mythical bikini body year-round — after all, summer isn't only three months of the year here. Fad diets and wild weightless solutions aren't the answer when the ultimate goal is keeping off weight. That's where a personal trainer comes in handy. Concept 21 Fitness is tucked away on the second floor of a shopping center on the corner of Ludlam Road and SW Eighth Street. The fitness center is mostly bare yet contains essential items like hand weights and a weight bench. Yanniel Santos, lead personal trainer and owner, employs everything here to get your heart rate pumping. He'll have you run around the parking lot, climb the stairs two at a time, and even do lunges across the hall. Wait until he has you do burpees or jump rope — your legs will feel like jelly after a session. But sooner rather than later, they'll turn into rock. If you've never worked out a day in your life, Santos can help. He'll take it easy on you and build a routine around your strengths and personal goals. Rates are based on availability and frequency of sessions. Call for a personal assessment, and be on your way to a year-round beach body.

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