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Whisper "the Redland" to most Miamians, and a few things invariably come to mind: sprawling fields of tomatoes, the alligator-choked entrance to the Everglades, milkshakes at Robert Is Here, and carne asada at Taco Morelia. But flea markets? Believe it. Thanks to Redland Market Village, city dwellers have a new reason to take a road trip down south. Not only is Redland Market Village a fine place to discover weird found objects and crazy-cheap furniture, but it's also a one-stop shop for great food and entertainment thanks to an adjacent farmers' market and regular events like vintage car shows and face painting for kids. Plus, there's a pet shop for animal lovers, as well as the usual spoils of the average flea market. But unlike most flea markets in South Florida, Redland Market Village — which has zero entrance fee — offers some of the freshest air and wide-open spaces in Miami-Dade.

It was the 2002 romantic comedy Juwanna Mann, starring Miguel A. Núñez Jr. and Vivica A. Fox, that taught us the most important lesson in love. In the movie, Fox's character, Michelle, tells Juwanna (Nuñez's character Jamal in drag) that she wants a guy who will send her flowers just because it's Wednesday. Seriously, why do we wait until Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or birthdays to tell those dearest to us that we love them? At the end of the movie, after Jamal's deception is revealed, he wins Michelle back by sending her flowers "just because it's Wednesday." (Fight back the tears!) We're sure that if Jamal had any say, he would have stopped by Pistils & Petals in South Beach to order the perfect bouquet. Since 1997, this homegrown shop has been spreading the love through floral arrangements — uh, "design." Why design? Because these pieces border on the traditional while displaying a modern edge. Sure, you won't pay Publix flower prices here (most arrangements cost $80 to $300), but can you really put a price on love? And if your romantic gestures lead to wedded bliss, Pistils & Petals can help you with that too. It offers an in-house event service that includes everything from conceptualization to decor.

Choosing a wedding dress is arguably the most important fashion decision you'll ever make. In your entire life. EVER. No pressure, though! But seriously, this is not a shopping process that should have any hiccups or surprises. At the recently renovated Coral Gables Bridals, the employees go out of their way to help you find the perfect gown. They'll work around your schedule to accommodate fittings and will keep on smiling regardless of how many dresses you try on or how many times you change your mind. There's a reason they've been in business since 1982 and why former brides return as mothers-of-the-bride. That reason is service. The amazing selection — from elegant designs by the Barcelona-based company Pronovias to the brilliant work of Sydney's Maggie Sottero — at prices that won't make your heart ache doesn't hurt either.

Walk up the stairs outside a restaurant run by Italian twin brothers on the Upper Eastside and you'll immediately feel sexy. Visions of naughty positions and men with dark hair and olive complexions kneading dough fill your mind. And then, when you open the door to L.A. Boudoir Miami, it all comes together. Suddenly, you've entered a different decade, one of glamor and bombshell babes. Perhaps you think of the Hollywood starlets of yesteryear or daydream about a lady's opulent bedroom where you can snoop and play dress-up with pearls, silk, and lace. This place is miles away from the Kardashians wearing latex waist trainers on Instagram for millions of "likes." Instead, exquisite vintage corsets are carefully and privately shown in this undergarment-and-under-wraps world that women hold a bit closer to their skin. You can peep playful pink polka-dot panties for less than $10 and elaborate red-and-black beaded underbust corsets for more than $100. You can find that item to make you feel as sultry as these womanly and curvaceous surroundings. In case you need more inspiration, Marilyn Monroe prints cover many of the walls. Plus, the store's owner, Lauren Arkin, is available for styling consultations if you want to do a special sexy photo shoot for the only "like" that matters: yours.

When was the last time your clothing boutique had an official mission? This little shop in the heart of Wynwood does. Founded by fashionista friends Lisa and Leilani, Mimo Market proudly espouses "the freedom and courage to express your passions and who you are." That translates into a chic spot showcasing affordable fashions like a cute maxidress for around $50 and a pleather vest for less than $100 from brands like MinkPink. Men get equal time and can find a good selection of tanks, tees, and shorts. And all the clothes have been curated to look especially at home in the mural-splashed wonderland of Wynwood (yes, we're talking about that Andy Warhol-esque fruit-print bowling shirt). Next time you spill hot sauce on your frock during Taco Tuesday at Wood Tavern, you'll thank heaven that Mimo Market is right around the corner.

Readers' choice: ALX Couture

Laure Heriard-Dubreuil is an international style icon who is consistently featured in glossies such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Luckily for Miami shoppers, she's also the CEO and buyer for a high-end boutique in Miami Beach. At the Webster, her impeccable taste translates into an incredibly well-curated collection of clothing and accessories. With locations in Miami Beach and Bal Harbour Shops, the boutique is frequented by men and women searching for unique statement pieces like a suede fringe jacket by Saint Laurent (a cool $4,790) or a Balmain printed scarf (a tidy $805). Couture doesn't come cheap. Hardly anything costs less than $400 at the Webster, but even those without the cash can experience the store much like they would a fashion museum. After all, Heriard-Dubreuil is so influential that the world's top designers often create special collections just for the Webster. It's a spectacle worth seeing even if you don't plan to bust your credit limit.

Marilyn Monroe once said, "It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." Right on. That famous quote is featured high on Babalu's website. This boutique distinguishes itself by carrying unique, cheeky merchandise that's sometimes ridiculous, but in the best possible way — like Aaron James' book Assholes: A Theory ($23.95), a philosophical examination of what makes someone an insufferable jerk. Babalu has three locations, including a pintsize spot inside the Raleigh Hotel. The well-curated shop is a perfect fit for South Beach's fabulous locals and tourists looking to snap up hard-to-find beauty buys by brands like RMS, Ilia, and C.O. Bigelow or those seeking some color and whimsy for their home via Jonathan Adler decor. Want a fuchsia skull-shaped candle? You can buy one here by DL & CO for $45. Or how about a polka-dot wallet from Comme des Garçons for $180? Babalu is many things, but boring certainly isn't one of them.

We get you, Miami: You live on secondhand plastic glasses you found in your mom's basement or stumbled across on the beach. The fear of losing or breaking high-end eyeglass frames is too much to handle. But your cheap ways all too often lead to accepting terrible quality in your eyewear. That's why we did cartwheels when Warby Parker set up shop in South Florida. The brand has been selling designer-quality glasses since 2010 for about $100 a pair. The only caveat for Miami shoppers was that, without a local store, checking out the selection in person wasn't a feasible option. In 2012, Warby Parker opened a small shop at the Standard, and this past March, a full-fledged store dubbed the Warby Parker Annex set up in Wynwood. It's the only full-size Florida location and one of only nine stand-alone boutiques in the nation. Despite the posh feel of the store, the affordable price remains a constant. For $95 plus tax, you can leave with stylish frames, lenses included. (If your eyesight requires thicker lenses, you can ask for special thinner ones for an extra $30.) The store doesn't do eye exams, so you'll need to come prescription-ready. That's a small price to pay for awesome, affordable specs.

Photo by Naty Pascual

This is Miami, gentlemen. A well-put-together look is a must. Still, far too many men in Dade County forget the prime directive of fashion: Style looks best when it appears effortless and relaxed. Eschew those bespoke suits and high-end designs for the classic Americana and pick up your next outfit at Lost Boy Dry Goods instead. Brothers Randy and Brian Alonso, who grew up with a knack for the retail business, run the shop. Their family owns La Epoca department store downtown. But at Lost Boy, the brothers have complete control over the store's feel and vibe, which veers closer to Rocky Mountain rustic than Miami's neon glow. The store carries labels such as Scotch & Soda, Puma, Levi's, Retro Brand, and Juntos — all reasonably priced. The store's biggest draw, though, is its denim selection. If you're looking for gaudy and excessively studded jeans, look elsewhere. The offerings here are classic and flattering, in keeping with the store's Americana aesthetic. And though the menswear brought us in the door, the shop carries a fine seletion of clothes for the ladies as well.

Between The Real Housewives, the gossip mags, and the paparazzi dashing around South Beach, Miami puts plenty of its dirty laundry right out there in public. Think about taking it to the Neighborhood Cleaners instead. No matter how filthy your clothes are, the crew at the Cleaners will leave your specialty button-downs and fancy gowns looking new. Care aside, the secret behind the dry cleaner's spotless rep lies with the products they use. One of the greener places around the mostly industrial neighborhood of Doral, the Cleaners is supplied by GreenEarth, "the largest brand of environmentally friendly dry-cleaning solvent," which is nontoxic, free of harsh chemicals, and gentle on clothes. The Neighborhood Cleaners also offers alterations, shoe repair, and tailoring services. The prices are reasonable — shirts start at $5.99, pants cost $6.50, and dresses vary based on length and design but typically run around $12 — and those who pay upfront receive a 10 percent discount. Free delivery to select areas, mainly around Doral, is also available. Next time you're wondering how you'll ever remove that suspicious stain from that dress your sister let you borrow, the Neighborhood Cleaners has your back — no questions asked.

Readers' choice: OXXO Care Cleaners

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