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Since its founding in 1987, Miami New Times has become a cultural touchstone in South Florida. We’ve got a hard-earned reputation for publishing compelling stories ignored or overlooked by major media, whether they’re insightful looks at local arts and entertainment or unflinching exposés about Miami's steamy political life.

More than 1 million monthly active users visit miaminewtimes.com and our weekly print edition attracts another 100,000 readers. Our annual Best of Miami issue is a must-read for residents and visitors alike. Our annual Top 100 Restaurants and Top 100 Bars lists have become the definitive source for exploring the city’s dynamic dining and drinking scene. We also provide the city’s most reliable coverage of the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Embracing change

In the late 1990s, we were among the first alt-weeklies to commit to digital journalism, restructuring our workflow to publish stories web-first. That decision turned us into something we'd never been: a daily newsroom. Another change occurred in 2013, when a group of longtime employees purchased New Times' parent company, Voice Media Group, from its original owners, whose success in Phoenix had led them to build the nation's largest chain of alternative weekly publications.

One result of New Times' forward-looking approach was a growing number of readers who didn't necessarily live in South Florida but appreciated what we were doing. Whereas in the early days of print our distribution was limited to the I-95 corridor –– thanks to those signature red-and-yellow newsracks! –– our stories were now available to anyone with an internet connection.

Celebrating Miami culture

From the beginning New Times has been about more than hard news. We also believe in celebrating South Florida culture, covering the region's music, arts and dining scenes with the same attention to detail that we devote to our news stories. We've introduced you to the saddest man at the Bruce Springsteen concert; and provided an oral history of the city's most celebrated dive-bar, Mac's Club Deuce.

We're the publications whose venerable former editor-in-chief, Jim Mullin, rallied his staff in 2002 to chronicle the real-life impacts when Miami was named the poorest big city in America; whose staff in 2005 created the definitive story of how cocaine made Miami; whose managing editor Tim Elfrink in 2013 blew the lid off the Biogenesis scandal, exposing the fact that a Miami clinic was providing banned drugs to some of Major League Baseball's biggest stars. In 2002, our Bob Norman was the first American journalist to reveal how lapses on the part of federal immigration authorities allowed several 9/11 terrorists into the country.

We've also had some fun along the way, such as when we punked mayors across the country by getting them to bid on relocating the baseball Marlins at a time when former owner H. Wayne Huizenga was shamelessly trying to unload the struggling club.

Innovation stems from talent

Talent is one thing New Times has always had in abundance. Our music and arts sections have offered the city's sharpest perspective on Miami culture. Seven New Times writers have been finalists in the Livingston Awards, the nation's most prestigious honor for young journalists, and our commitment to develop rising journalistic talent hasn't gone unnoticed. Former staff writers Kirk Semple and Jacob Bernstein are now at the New York Times, and five New Times writers have been hired away by the Washington Post just in the past six years.

Giving back through live events

New Times further gives back to the city with live events such as Out to Brunch every May, where showcase Miami’s hottest brunch spots, and our Best of Miami Party.

Helping business owners thrive

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The total package makes Miami New Times an essential companion for anyone interested in taking the temperature of the Magic City.

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