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Best Of Miami® 2013

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Miami New Times began a search for the best this city has to offer. In this distant past, there was little beach time and lots of crime. New Times' first Best of Miami® issue gave the people hope. They discovered good places to eat brunch to grow like Jabba the Hutt, walk their mighty canines in the manner of Chewbacca, and quaff their Jawa beer.

Now, in our 26th annual Best of Miami® edition, the sunshine strikes back. New Times has explored the farthest-flung corners of Miami-Dade County, hung out in the sketchiest bars this side of the Mos Eisley Cantina, and tasted dishes that would make even a droid drool, all so we could bring you more than 300 winners.

You'll find intel even the Imperial Guard couldn't turn up, such as a great buffet tucked into an anonymous Kendall strip mall, a thrilling thrift store hidden in Palmetto Bay, and an eye-opening art collection right in the middle of Florida International University's campus. You can also scope our picks for the year's top politician, savviest blogger, and most prolific artist.

We're not the only explorers staking a claim in Dade. More than 6,000 readers cast ballots in our annual Best of Miami Readers' Poll, naming O Cinema the runaway favorite for Best Art-House Cinema, nudging Coral Bagels past the Front Porch Café for Best Breakfast, and crowning Burger & Beer Joint for its superior burgers.

So dive in and check out something new. May the Force be with you, Miami.

Best Of Miami®

Best Of Miami®