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MAST gets everything right about education in Miami. It's a public magnet school, so it's designed (in theory, at least) to pull in the top students, regardless of income level, and nurture their curiosity in science and tech. It's situated on Virginia Key, in one of the lushest parts of the city, so close to the bay that the air smells like salt water most days. It's no secret, then, why MAST students excel at oceanography. The nearby and also excellent Design and Architecture Senior High in the Design District channels many young people into (the very respectable and necessary) artistic fields, but Miami has a dearth of stellar scientists, which means MAST is leading the charge in turning the city into more than just a one-industry tourism town. Oh, and the school is hellaciously good at what it does: MAST was recently ranked the 100th-best high school in the United States. If a Miamian ever figures out how to save this town from sea-level rise, chances are that person will be a MAST alum.

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Living in any major metropolitan city has its trade-offs. In Miami, head-smashing rush-hour traffic and rent prices that would make a Brooklynite blush are small prices to pay for living in a perma-paradise. Nothing highlights our climatic advantage quite like our ability to enjoy outdoor shows year-round, even while the rest of America is huddled under puffy coats and knit hats. And Pineapple Sundays are a reliably great way to get that outdoor music fix. The Pineapple Stage — painted to look just like a ripe piña as a nod to Ball & Chain's signature Pineapple Celebration cocktail — has been home to local talent for the better part of three years. In 2016, the bar kicked off its monthly Sundays concert series. Ample space between tables in front of the stage allows cozy, candlelit date nights or sweaty dance-offs in the aisles. The series has mostly hosted jazz and Latin acts, though Miami favorites such as DJ Le Spam, Electric Kif, Keith Johns, and Magic City Hippies have all shown up for the monthly minifestival. At night, the stage boasts impressive, concert-quality lighting effects, blending the luxurious feel of Miami nightlife with the homey comfort of a Little Havana backyard family cookout. Plus, the shows are free, and the bar offers happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m.

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Asahd Khaled, DJ Khaled's infant son, is cuter than a basketful of newborn pygmy hippos. He's cuter than your octogenarian grandparents swing-dancing together after a few cocktails at your cousin's wedding. Swiping past his adorable little cheeks on his famous father's social media accounts can brighten your entire afternoon. Staring at a pure smile from Asahd Khaled is, we presume, roughly as enjoyable as staring directly upon the visage of some sort of sun emperor. Asahd Khaled, born live on Snapchat October 23, 2016, spends his days traveling around the world on his dad's private chartered jets, occasionally popping up in random toy stores and buying the entire inventory like he's baby Howard Hughes. Plus, Asahd Khaled is also a straight-up musical genius: He's listed as the executive producer on his dad's upcoming album, Grateful. Asahd Khaled can, and will, steal your girlfriend. You won't even be angry. That's just what tiny moguls do.

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