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After two decades of internet-induced chaos, the music industry is still defying all predictability. Illegal streaming turned record labels on their heads before they eventually embraced Spotify and Apple Music. Then, just when it seemed digital music had won, vinyl underwent a miraculous resurrection. Even cassettes have made a comeback in some bastions of hipsterdom. But what of the lowly CD? For the connoisseur who wants the warmth of vinyl but also enjoys the clean sound of a CD without the compression of an MP3 or phone speaker, there's still a shop looking out for you. Radio-Active Records offers aisle after aisle of vinyl records, but tucked in the corner beside the entrance are a few racks stacked with shelves of CDs in a wide range of genres. Below the racks are dozens of crates stuffed with CDs that don't quite fit on the shelves. Most albums, even rare imports, tend to stay in the $1-to-$8 range, and the store can also order albums for pickup upon request. Radio-Active has been wise to keep its CD stock full, because at the rate music fans change their minds, hipsters will rediscover the humble disc any day now.

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If you live in South Florida and you know how to read, Books & Books hardly needs an introduction. Mitchell Kaplan started his venerable temple of the turned page in 1982 and — amid national cries about the death of the printed word and the rise of Amazon — has grown it into one of America's premier local bookstores, all while expanding to Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, downtown Miami, and even Grand Cayman. Kaplan found time to cofound the Miami Book Fair while he was at it, and his flagship Books & Books in the Gables echoes that commitment to connecting authors with readers thanks to its nearly nightly readings and book signings. All of Kaplan's locations remain impressively stocked and curated, and with cafés and full bars in the Gables and South Beach, his shops are the perfect place for bibliophiles to happily wile away a Saturday. ¡Viva los libros!

Readers' choice: Books & Books

Maybe you've heard this one: Donald Trump doesn't believe in exercise. He honestly thinks that his body has only a "finite amount of energy" and that moving his flabby ass will deplete his internal battery. As with all other things in life, you shouldn't listen to him. Next time you're ready to recharge your engine, skip the same old treadmill or sticky road run and head to Body & Soul, where there's enough variety to keep your workout from ever being boring again. Want to spin your way into shape? Duck into one of Maria Sentmanat's fast-paced M*ergy classes. More of a CrossFit fiend? Body & Soul has you covered on that too. The gym also offers yoga, barre, Pilates, and dance classes, including the popular, high-energy Videosync series, taught by Jay Marcos. If classes aren't your thing, you can train on your own using the 10,000-square-foot facility's state-of-the-art equipment. Prices vary: Membership costs $85 for the gym only or $185 for full access, including classes and CrossFit. That's a hell of a lot cheaper than a Mar-a-Lago membership.

Readers' choice: Anatomy at 1220

The Groupon specials might lure you in the doors of Reforming Pilates, but the topnotch instructors, like Nellie Triana and Estefania Garcia, will keep you coming back. They're all legit masters of Pilates, the muscle-toning, posture-improving, flexibility-boosting workout regimen. Walk up the stairs to the building's laid-back second-floor studio for a challenging one-hour class ($30 drop-in) that will have you exercising muscles you never knew existed. Classes at this cozy studio are conducted on reformer machines, which help Pilates practitioners of all levels stay in proper alignment and form as they work out. With small classes, the passionate instructors are always intently watching, making sure students are performing the exercises correctly — which means you'll get a tight bod in a safe environment. If you can't blast through a class without the right tunes, don't worry: You can always count on Justin, the studio owner, to come prepared with excellent music selections. The studio also offers unlimited monthly classes ($175), a monthly pass for up to 12 classes ($200), and private sessions. Even though this studio is located in Miami Beach, parking is usually easy to come by at the metered lot across the street. Get ready to shake like a leaf.

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It can be daunting mustering up the nerve to try a new workout in Miami. Much like your bougie friends who clean before the housekeeper comes to avoid feeling guilty, you sometimes feel like you have to be in top shape prior to joining a studio or gym. That's what makes RedBike so refreshing. With locations in Brickell and Aventura, this newcomer is the rare spin studio where you're not forced to size yourself up against everyone else on a scoreboard at the front. Easy enough for beginners to follow along but challenging enough for more seasoned riders, RedBike offers a mix of regular and themed classes (think old-school hip-hop or Beyoncé vs. Jay Z) taught by upbeat, friendly instructors who aren't there to maniacally punish you. Catch your first class for free and then pay $24 a pop, but make sure to sign up for the newsletter for promotional deals and dates of free community rides.

Clueless about baby-led weaning? Can't tell a doula from a doormat? The Gathering Place is a one-stop shop for parents-to-be. The North Miami Beach storefront has a complete lineup of classes to support and educate, providing all that is necessary (besides sleep) for the challenging new job of caring for a tiny human. Inside the intimate space, pending and new parents can interview and secure some of the city's most sought-after doulas, learn CPR, join a postpartum depression support group, get dad in the mood to parent, and do some downward dog at eight months preggers, all in one spot. There are classes from the most basic — how to keep your diet healthy while eating for two and constantly craving ice cream and peanut butter — to the more esoteric, like Infant Massage 101. This is how good parenting communities are built. And once you have a little one, you'll know why it takes a village.

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Thanks to rampant internet overuse, "self-care" has devolved into one of those annoyingly meaningless clichés, right up there with "changing the paradigm." But you should actually shift your paradigm on self-care, because it's hella important to look out for your body and mind — especially when you're a mother or father with a young kid. Sometimes as you struggle to make sure the little one is regularly fed, rested, and bathed, it feels like no one bothered to think about how to take care of the parental half of the equation. Luckily, Pod 22 got the mom-and-dad memo. This self-billed "urban break room" has created the perfect self- and kid-care spot, all wrapped up inside a gonzo combination of nail salon and indoor playground. Pod 22 promises a "recess from stress" via Wi-Fi, healthy munchies, and — yes! — supervision for your tots. If there were an emoji for "thank the gods," it should be inserted here. Membership costs a onetime registration fee of $150 per family, plus $40 monthly for the first child and $30 extra per sibling. Pod 22's innovative solution for your parenting Catch-22 is worth every penny.

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How many parents would let their kids eat fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? So why are we OK with pet owners doing the same thing? Most mass-produced cat and dog food is demonstrably unhealthy junk, but then again, finding the good stuff for your fur babies isn't always easy. Enter Your Pet's Best, an off-the-beaten-path pet food and supply store in Pinecrest that specializes in organic and holistic food made in the United States and Canada. The store boasts a wide variety of high-end, healthful food choices, treats, toys, accessories, supplies, supplements, and so much more. This is pet paradise. The employees are all bona fide animal whisperers who are exceptionally knowledgeable about the products. Asked on a recent visit for a dog treat that's also great for dental care, a staff member didn't hesitate to point to Bone-A-Mints ($8.99), an all-natural, breath-freshening, mini-size treat. Your pets have had enough of the animal equivalent of Taco Bell — it's time for an upgrade.

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Lots of kennels will give your dog a good bath. Many of them will trim your pup's nails without sending him into a nervous fit. Plenty will comfortably house your pet while you go on vacation and keep her entertained during doggy day care while you're at work. But does your kennel do all of this while providing Instagram-ready snaps of your pooch living her DJ Khaled dreams? Not unless you're sending Fido to Barkhaus. The business operates out of a renovated 1939 Little River home, complete with a private outdoor dog park and Barkhaus Beach — a swimming pool for your best friend and his bros. Daycare costs $30 per day, and boarding runs between $35 and $65 a night depending upon the size of your dog. While you're at your cousin's wedding, your pooch can wander Miami's most scenic spots (while safely leashed, of course) and pose for photos in front of Wynwood murals and in the back of the owners' vintage hatchback, achieving more #squadgoals in one day than you can hope to attain in your lifetime. And the evidence is all right there on the 'gram, letting owners know their babies are safe, happy, and hipster AF.

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Dear Foodie: Last weekend, you forked over the equivalent of a car payment for an oyster tower at brunch and then maxed-out your credit card when the latest master of foraged molecular gastronomy popped up in town. And yet, though you'd never dream of opening a can of Spam for dinner (unless it was in an ironic, Anthony Bourdain kind of way), you still feed your dog any crap that's on sale with a canine on the can. Stop that right now and head to Dishes for Dogs. This on-trend Wynwood place cooks handcrafted and nutritious meals for your pooch. Owner Michael O'Rourke started off by cooking for his Pomeranian, Ripley, who had severe food allergies. Soon family and friends were asking for the dishes for their pets, and then he was selling out at local farmers' markets. He uses only human-grade ingredients such as fresh chicken, apples, and carrots. To ensure all meals are nutritionally sound, he consults with a faculty member at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Prices range according to size and kind of protein, but a five-pound chicken dinner costs $26.75. The look of gratitude Rover gives you after wolfing down a bowl of this slice of doggie heaven: priceless.

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