Photo courtesy MaxNorman Pet Photography

There once were two dogs named Daisy and Bean,

the cutest, most lovable pooches you've seen.

They lived with their people, who loved them so much;

together they always ate breakfast and lunch.

But one day their people decided to go

on a two-week vacation to Acapulco.

The people were scared, with much apprehension,

of leaving their dogs without love and attention.

They needed to find the perfect selection

for Daisy and Bean to be safely protected.

Well, Daisy and Bean needed somewhere to go

that was fun and had people to throw them a bone —

a bone made of cookies that helped clean their teeth,

and plenty of water, and plenty to eat.

The people decided to ask all their friends,

and one name was mentioned again and again.

They found there were webcams in this lovely place,

to connect with their doggies across cyber space.

It sounded so nice that they called to make sure,

that this separation was one they'd endure.

The lady they spoke to was nice and polite,

and with that they decided on booking their flight.

And Daisy and Bean went right off in a hurry

to a hotel for dogs that loves paws that are furry.

(Furry Paws Pet Resort day care runs $24 per day, while overnight boarding costs $40 per night.)

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