If you're in the market for Cuban comfort food at its finest, head to Molina's in Hialeah. It's the real deal. Service can be slow, but it's authentic homestyle comida, and the menu is as large as a novel. Let's put it this way: A local abogado advertises in it. Go when you have serious time to dedicate to a meal — the menu alone will take half an hour to peruse. If you need some suggestions, start with the tostones rellenos de camarones ($12). They're little fried green-plantain baskets stuffed with fresh shrimp in tomato sauce. Beyond the starters, the picadillo ($8.25), a true comfort dish, features savory ground beef served with fluffy white rice, homey black beans, and sweet maduros. It's hearty and heavenly.

Location Details

4090 E 8th Ave
Hialeah FL 33013


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