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Iconic Flamingos Stolen From Hialeah Park

The flamingos at Hialeah Park Racing and Casino may be some of the city's most famous residents....


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Documentary: Monster Sharks Thrive Off Cuba

As legend has it, in 1945, six fishermen embarked from the seaside town of Cojimar in Cuba to...


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Twitter Patriotism Explodes as U.S. Wins World Cup

On a weekend where the United States of America celebrated it's 239th birthday, we also got to...


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Martial Arts Instructor's Viral Verbal Beatdown

“Take that fucking belt off right now,” Ruben Alvarez, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) instructor...

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Packers Tight End Arrested in South Beach

It's not really a holiday weekend in Miami until a professional athlete gets arrested in South...




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