Ten Crossfade-Approved Parties for the Second Week of Winter Music Conference 2011

The human body is an amazing biological machine. You can try your best to irreversibly damage its every last cell by subjecting it to a sleepless six-day WMC spree of ass-pounding party music, 36-hour dancing blackouts, and a diet consisting of Red Bull, vodka, and miscellaneous pharmacological products. But still, it bounces back.

Suddenly, your brain snaps out of its alcohol-related amnesia, reboots, and sends an emergency order to the adrenal glands for mass amounts of epinephrine. Your eyes uncross. Your facial muscles stop twitching. And within 15 minutes, you're ready to crash the megaclubs again.

Welcome to week two of Winter Music Conference. Here are ten party picks. And if that doesn't put you into a coma, see New Times' full Winter Music Conference 2011 listings.

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S. Pajot