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Finding a good specialty Asian supermarket isn't all that easy in Broward. You have to drive miles to find one at all, hoping it won't be out of your much-needed bean sprouts or Thai basil. Oriental Food Market in Lauderdale Lakes takes all of the guesswork out of the scenario. A wall is dedicated to fresh veggies that will complete your homemade pho, and a corner is reserved for your favorite hard-to-find Asian fruits, like durian and jackfruit. It carries the biggest variety of rice and has aisles and aisles to browse if you're looking for something you can't exactly find at Publix. If the store doesn't carry it, you'll likely find it at another shop in the same plaza, adding to the draw. Good Asian markets are hard to come by. Oriental Food Market is the best there is in Broward.

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Mo's, a longtime Miami staple, delivers exactly what you expect when you're craving a deli meal. It's inherently reliable, with cushiony booths, piping hot coffee, and an extensive menu serving up all the classics, from bagels to knishes. Mo's isn't trying to show off, either: The humble decor makes it feel like home, a place where you can feel comfortable digging into all of the best comfort foods at once. The food speaks for itself, with stacked pastrami sandwiches and thick New York-style bagels, along with staples like matzo ball soup and a selection of smoked fish. Mo's has limited outdoor seating for the moment, plus it's offering delivery and takeout so you can bring the deli feeling and flavor home. It's safe to say Mo's has got you covered for any and every deli need.

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Along a wide road clogged with tractor-trailers sits one of the city's perfect lunch spots. Chef Reuben Ruiz conjures insane creations — like an avocado, shrimp, and pesto crunch wrap; a cheddar buffalo fried-chicken sandwich with garlic Parmesan bacon; and a chorizo Philly cheesesteak. Be sure to arrive early enough to grab the daily lunch special before they run out. Oh, and the place is also a liquor store. Top that.

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Richard Hales has long been known as a student of the cuisines of east Asia. This year he pulled a u-turn like some crazed Bird Road driver and opened a Texas-style barbecue spot plying juicy AF brisket ($10, and ask for the deckle), perfect pulled pork ($8), and delightful sides like squash and cheese ($8). The best part, however, might be the fact that for a mere three dollars you can add a single rib, perfectly smoked with a bright pink smoke ring that penetrates deep into the meat onto any order. It's the impulse buy of every meat lover's fantasy, and now it's real.

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The pizza universe has ballooned to a beast of epic proportions. From technically perfect Neapolitan pies to ultra-crisp ones in the style of Brooklyn to the thick, chewy grandma (also known as Detroit) pies — it seems we've forgotten the humble pie that, while it might not rest upon the upper echelons of culinary achievement, is quite capable of providing speedy, utilitarian delight the likes of which are unmatched, and never for five bucks a slice. Such joy awaits in a blood-red and taxicab-yellow bungalow on Gramps' patio, where at lunchtime during the week a five-spot buys you not one but two slices, plus a Coke. The crust has just the right crunch. The cheese is the stretchy lava of your dreams. The sauce is fragrant and barely sweet. Sure, the joint's cheeky motto is "Hot Pizza, Cuban Coffee, Bogus Claims," but what you really get is a flashback to the days when life, and pizza, were simpler.

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What started as a weekly popup at Box Elder now can be found at the Citadel food hall. A shameless play on the United States Postal Service, United States Burger Service is the king of killer burgers in Miami. These burgers have garnered a cultlike following in a relatively short time period. Everything from the potato bun to the cheese sauce is made from scratch by husband-and-wife team Michael Mayta and Keily Vasquez. The pun-filled menu often features over-the-top specialty creations that rotate weekly, but the "Ground" (a single patty with "government cheese" and "priority" sauce for $7.50) and "2-day" (a double patty option for $10) is where it's at. The smashed patty has just the right amount of crisp while remaining juicy. The star of the show is the house-made cheddar-fontina sauce labeled "government cheese" — it's decadent, flavorful, and nothing like what government-assisted funding would provide. Add some "Insurance, " AKA thick-cut fries ($3.50) to complete the experience.

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Miami is filled with places to eat and go broke, but if you want a delicious meal for less than ten bucks, get yourself to Dogma. This MiMo District hot dog shack will dress and decorate your dog any way you like. Franks are offered in beef, turkey and vegan versions, so there's one for every taste. Try a "Texas Tommy," topped with bacon and American cheese; the "Coney Island," with spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut; or the king of dogs, the "Chicago," topped with mustard, relish, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, sport peppers, a pickle, and celery salt ($4.75 each). Add fries ($3.50), and a soda and you've got a delicious lunch for just about a ten-spot. Throw in free parking and you've got one fine deal. Open daily.

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Sports Grill is a longtime local favorite, so much so that it has seven locations spanning South Florida since the first one opened over 30 years ago. With a nondescript name like Sports Grill, this neighborhood spot is unassuming, but the wings are our pick for the city's best. They offer eight different styles, from buffalo to barbecue to jerk, plus some signature recipes, like the Miami Heat and Dale Style wings. But the classic option, and house favorite for decades, is the special grilled wings. They're dipped in a vinegar-based sauce, charbroiled with just the right amount of crispiness, then finished with a light brushing of Sports Grill's mildly spiced secret sauce, with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing on the side. As far as COVID-friendly offerings go, the South Miami location on Sunset Drive has outdoor seating available and also offers takeout, so you can bring the taste of football season home this year.

There's something about the fried fowl from the Dominican Republic, better known as pica pollo, that hits like nothing else. Perhaps it's the aroma: Straight chicken fat, and none of the whiffs of burnt oil you'll find in other places. Maybe it's the skin, not at all greasy, and shatteringly crisp. And the meat — oh, the glorious meat! Just imagine if before he created his monster, Dr. Frankenstein put in some time crossing chickens with the ultra-fatty cows of Kobe, Japan. (Yes, it's that juicy.) Jacqueline's is just one part of a family operation that stretches across the city, filling fried-chicken freaks' needs with simple, affordable fare that's a world away from the high-priced imports that have invaded our shores in recent years. Don't even wait until you get back to your place. Hit a piece of chicken with some hot sauce when you get back to your car, savor, then cool your tongue with a bite or two of fried green plantains before heading home.

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Finka Table & Tap, West Kendall's holy grail, may specialize in Cuban-Korean-Peruvian fusion, but it's a sleeper hit for where to find out-of-this-world mac 'n' cheese in Miami. What might possibly be the most comforting food in the world is taken to another loving level at Finka Table & Tap. It's not overly fancy or showy, but the mountain-size mound o' mac at Finka ($10) features three different kinds of cheese, creating a sauce that's just the right mix of gooey and creamy. Then it's topped with carne asada, bacon, and chopped scallions to add a slight crunch to the sizzling skillet of cheesy goodness. Then the most crucial component that sets this mac 'n' cheese apart: aji amarillo. A well-known ingredient in Peruvian cuisine, this yellow pepper adds a kick that sends this dish over the top, creating the equivalent of a warm hug with every single bite.

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