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Bars are closed, pool parties canceled. Clubs may not fully reopen until 2021. Thanks to COVID-19, if you're not a dating-apps kind of dude and want to meet single women, you're going to have to make like your forefathers and head for the beach. The sands of South Beach have been both disappointingly (to Dr. Fauci) and pleasantly (to single guys on the prowl) packed. Anyone daring to brave the crowds is probably enough of a risk-taker to meet someone new in this dangerous time. But be cautious out there, Romeo: While having three dimensions might make you stand out in this brave new world of Zoom, if you don't want to scare women off, you should definitely abide by the six-feet rule. In bygone eras, getting too close to a sunbathing stranger could get you labeled as a mere creep; now you'll be considered a bona fide menace.

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A lot can be said about a man who knows how to pick out ripe produce, am I right? And even if finding love at the supermarket wasn't your original plan, with bars shuttered and social events canceled, the pickings are slim, my dears. Not to fret: In addition to affordable avocados and that devilishly addicting speculoos cookie butter, Trader Joe's South Beach is a bountiful hunting ground for single men — single men who like to cook. So get dolled up, strap on your most fashionable facemask, and hit the aisles for a chance at love. If it doesn't work out, there's always a silver lining in the stockpile of Trader Joe's ever-so affordable $2.99 wine.

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K&K is the perfect breeding ground for the aspiring pool shark: the 15 well-kept, comfortably spaced Diamond Professional tables mean that you never wait too long for your session and you don't have to solve a complex physics problem merely to take a shot. (Oh, the joy of never again having to deal with the slightly slanted, beer-damaged felt at your local watering hole!) As an officially sanctioned American Poolplayers Association venue, K&K hosts billiards tournaments, but it's as hospitable to beginners as it is to the well-practiced looking to elevate their game. K&K doesn't serve hard liquor — a concession to our government bureaucracy that allows patrons 18 years old and up to play pool here — but there's a wide selection of craft beers and wine on offer for those who require some liquid courage. The food menu consists of bar-and-grill classics, including tacos, bourbon sliders, and stacked salads, which means you might never want to leave. The tables rent for $12 per hour for the nine-footers and $10 per hour for the seven-footers. Open daily.

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Where many festivals had to shut down their operations down this year, Outshine Film Festival offered not just one but two 2020 festivals for audiences to enjoy. With screenings (both virtual and drive-in) of dozens of queer films that included such gems as Dry Wind, Ask Any Buddy, The Strong Ones, and Eté 85 (Summer of 85), Outshine has been a shimmering reminder that there are still ways to enjoy a film festival without sitting in a packed theater.

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