Wynwood Brewing Company Taproom Opens: Panther Coffee Beer and Spray Paint Taps

On Friday at 2 p.m., a group of friends got together to celebrate the opening of Wynwood Brewing Company.

The event marks the start of a beer renaissance in Miami, with Wynwood the first craft production brewery in the City of Miami.

Owned and operated by Luis G. Brignoni and "Pops" Luis C. Brignoni, the family business brews three standards, La Rubia blond ale, Wynwood IPA, and Pop's Porter, as well as a variety of seasonal offerings and small batch beers. They are distributed by Brown's and are also available at the new taproom, adjacent to the brewing facility.

The taproom is open, with brewery tours starting the end of this week. Short Order got a "taste" (including the rare and now infamous La Oscura, a stout made with Panther coffee).

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Wynwood Brewing Company co-founder Luis C. Brignoni cuts the ribbon. Helping him are Miami Community Development Director George Mensah, property owner Jeff Cohen, Jason Brown of Brown's Distributing, and Maria Brignoni.

David X. Rodriguez, cellar man and assistant brewer, conducted a tour of the 15-barrel brew house, explaining the process all the way from grain to tap.

Fresh beer.

Though the taproom does not serve food, it'll have menus from local restaurants that deliver (so you can grab a nosh).

Michael Demetrus and Piero from MIA Brewing with David Rodriquez. There's solidarity in the local beer community.

Your selections of the day.

Spray can taps pay homage to the thriving art community that the brewery is part of.

View of the brewery from the taproom.

First beer of the day. La Rubia.

La Oscura, brewed with Panther Coffee. The rich, dark beer sells for $6 a pint. As of Friday, there was only half a barrel left of this brew, which equates to 100 pints.

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