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What's Really Illegal on Miami Beach? Running Down the Law on Cans, Bottles, and Straws

For those of us with any semblance of common sense, there are certain things we know we shouldn't do in public: take drugs, have sex, streak. Polite society isn't into that stuff. Though Miami Beach might seem like it's a lot more liberal than most public places, those rules still apply -- among other regulations that might not be quite so obvious. If you want to avoid the unpleasantness of citations, it's important to be educated on those pesky things called laws.

A couple of months ago on South Beach, some friends and I were cited for possession of aluminum cans -- an item we were unaware was illegal. So, to follow up, we spoke with the Miami Beach Police Department for the skinny on what you can and cannot take onto the sand. Find out what we learned after the jump.

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