Rooftop-to-Table Restaurant Set to Debut in NYC

ABC News Nightline

ran a fascinating feature Friday night about a rooftop-to-table restaurant about to open in New York City. Bell Book & Candle is the name of the place, and it's located on West 10th Street in Manhattan. Chef/owner John Mooney walks six flights up the brownstone steps to reach his Wonderland-like rooftop garden with vertical hydroponic towers covered in fresh lettuce, eggplant, strawberries, chickpeas (!), herbs and other edibles -- enough, if all goes to plan, to supply the bulk of his restaurant's needs for ten months of the year.

It is an astonishing video -- these greens look gorgeous, are growing in abundance, and sprouted from seeds in just seven weeks. That's fast. But urban farmer Mooney makes it clear that this notion carries implications beyond his restaurant: The day when city dwellers routinely grow their own food might not be that far away. But regardless, this video is really worth checking out.

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