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Resurrect Phuc Yea!: Here's How to Help

Remember Phuc Yea!, the wildly inventive Vietnamese temporary restaurant that really brought the term "pop-up" to Miami?

Phuc Yea! closed, as planned, and two of the pop-up's partners went on to open the Federal Food, Drink & Provisions, introducing Miamians to pig wings and jar-o-duck.

But still, many of us miss Phuc Yea!'s whimsical take on classic Vietnamese cuisine.

The question is, are you willing to spend about two minutes and a few mouse clicks to help partners Caesar Zapata and Aniece Meinhold get some much-needed funding for the restaurant that takes us on a deep, dark culinary journey?

Of course you are!

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The Federal Miami LLC has entered the Mission Main Street Grants competition. Sponsored by Chase Bank, this program offers grants to qualified small businesses. An esteemed panel of 12 financial and entrepreneurial experts will choose a dozen recipients, who will each receive a $250,000 grant in January 2014.

First things first. Before being eligible for panel review, each small business must have 250 consumer votes to qualify. That's where you come in.

Aniece Meinhold, partner at the Federal and (hopefully) Phuc Yea!, told Short Order that she banks with Chase and received an email about the grant program last week. "I just started daydreaming, then went into action."

She said opening Phuc Yea! as a permanent place is the plan, "but money is always an issue in terms of how quickly it would happen."

Want to help bring back Phuc Yea!? Stop daydreaming of bowls of steaming noodles and slow-roasted pork and visit now.

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