Most Annoying Things While Dining on Lincoln Road

Dining on Lincoln Road can be quite an adventure. Get out of your car, trek through the Sahara-like heat, deal with annoying blather from countless hostesses, and then when you sit down, you finally think you can relax. But wait! Homeless beggars nag you for money (or that delicious cocktail); people take pictures in your face, tourists fall on their sunburned faces.

Or at least that's our experience. We asked diners for theirs, then ranked the answers.

5. Brian Shea says the most annoying thing about the eating on Lincoln is being invited by hostesses to their restaurants. Dude, this is indeed irritating, but it's bearable. After all, hot women are giving you attention - deal with it.

4.  Daniella Suarez claims tourists, social networkers, and people like us snapping photos really bug her while she's dining. Of course, when we took this shot, she wasn't eating.

3. Local artist Curro (really, one word in his name!) hates the artificiality. In particular, "someone or

something that looks fake - fake tits, fake outfits, fake lips" gets to him. He  battles superficiality by creating art

with "true, real messages." Props to him, but Short Order finds such fakeness on Lincoln Road funny. Fake tits are sooooo South Beach..

2. Short Order encountered the answer "too much noise" twice in our

survey. According to Aline Parrish, the overload of people and

blaring music cause this nuisance. Short Order recognizes

the enduring commotion on Lincoln Road and therefore

gives this complaint the 2nd place on our list.

1. First place goes to....drum roll, please....homeless beggars. The poor have marked Lincoln

Road as their territory, said Sushi Samba hostess Alex .They are there 24/7 and sometimes show little respect for diners. Another guy,

Wes (he declined to give his last name) recalls sitting down with friends for some happy hour drinks, when a vagabond

hit him up for cash. "G-d bless them!" he said.

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