Mister Block's owners hope to bring a bit of Brooklyn to WynwoodEXPAND
Mister Block's owners hope to bring a bit of Brooklyn to Wynwood
Patrick Hieger

Mister Block Will Bring Counter Culture, Mast Brothers To Wynwood

Although Panther Coffee has had a long, delicious run as the premier coffee shop in Wynwood, as the neighborhood continues to grow in size and popularity, so must the options for a cup of joe. If all goes as planned, as of June 1, Mister Block will become the latest addition Wynwood’s culinary and coffee scene.

Mister Block, located in the Wynwood Block plaza between 27th and 26th streets on NW 2nd Ave., is the project of Gaston Miculitzki, a real estate developer who been key in the expansion of the airy plaza. When the lease for another coffee shop slated for the space fell through, Miculitzki took advantage of the opportunity.

Mister Block will be the hub at the end of Wynwood Block's breezewayEXPAND
Mister Block will be the hub at the end of Wynwood Block's breezeway
Patrick Hieger

“I partnered up with some investors from Santa Fe in Bal Harbour shops, and they are bringing the café know-how,” Miculitzki says says, speaking about the first of what he hopes to be many Mister Block cafés. “It’s a cool concept for the area that is growing a lot. People from the area said Wynwood is still missing a meeting point where you can have a meeting, meet with friends, or grab and go.”

Inside the 700 square-foot space, guests will find the best of the modern coffee shop. Marble counters are paired with light wood cabinets and metal supports. Once the café is fully open, a full terrace, breezeway with seating for up to 24, and tables inside will be available. Keeping in mind his modern audience, Miculitzki also made sure to include plenty of outlets for charging devices.

Owner Gaston Miculitzki in front of the café's exterior muralEXPAND
Owner Gaston Miculitzki in front of the café's exterior mural
Patrick Hieger

As far as available products, Miculitzki says “Mister Block will be kind of like a Starbucks, but better quality.” The cafés stunning counters are topped with drip coffee canteens, an espresso maker, a fresh juice extractor, and a small food prep station for light fare. Towards the back of the café, an open refrigerator will hold drinks, as well as salads, sandwiches, and other “grab and go” style snacks.

“We will have a lot of paleo, gluten-free, and vegan options,” Miculitzki says. Fashion meets function.

For you coffee snobs, rest assured that quality is the focus at Mister Block. The owners have teamed up with Counter Culture coffee for a cup that will be hard to rival in Miami. They’ll also be stocking the widely-acclaimed Mast Brothers chocolates, Big Spoon Roasters peanut butters, and other products for sale.

MIculitzki, always keeping real estate in mind, mentioned that he’s already been approached with offers to expand. “For now, this first one remains our focus,” he says. Here’s hoping all goes well and the options for good coffee around Miami continue to expand. 

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