The Salty Donut Makes Custom Proposal and Gender-Reveal Doughnuts
Courtesy of the Salty Donut

The Salty Donut Makes Custom Proposal and Gender-Reveal Doughnuts

Miami can't seem to get enough of the Salty Donut. Since December 2015, when the concept first popped up inside a trailer in Wynwood, the artisanal doughnut shop has become a sensation. To this day, fans wait in hourlong lines for innovative interpretations of the traditional pastry, such as sticky bun or cannoli variations.

But now that the brand has settled inside its storefront at 50 NW 24th St. in the Wynwood Arcade, it's able to offer more than maple-bacon-topped or Nutella-filled doughnuts.

The Salty Donut now offers individualized creations to mark special occasions. In recent months, the shop has constructed doughnut towers, doughnut walls, custom doughnut lettering, and gender-reveal doughnuts.

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Photo by Clarissa Buch

Typically, towers ($60), which are made by layering eight traditional glazed brioche doughnuts in a pyramid formation, are used for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or other special events. Depending upon the occasion, towers are garnished with doughnut holes, fruit, icing, and an inscribed chocolate plaque.

Rent a doughnut wall for your next event.
Rent a doughnut wall for your next event.
Courtesy of the Salty Donut

For doughnut walls, dozens of the traditional glazed variety are hung from floor to ceiling with a large "Donuts" sign dangling overhead. The wall rental runs $150; the doughnuts attached to it cost extra.

For other occasions, such as marriage proposals or other question-oriented events, the shop creates colorful letter-shaped doughnuts, priced at $10 each. For example, a box might contain seven doughnuts that spell "marry me" coated in a bright-red glaze with small white hearts. Besides the cost for each letter, there's a labor fee of $50.

Recently, the Salty Donut created a batch of doughnuts for a couple's gender reveal of their baby ($80). Similar to a birthday doughnut tower, the display includes eight glazed doughnuts filled with a custom flavor — blueberry or strawberry depending upon the baby's gender — and stacked in a pyramid.

All doughnut creations must be ordered in advance by calling 305-925-8126.

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