The team behind Ofa: (left to right) Lucas Scudeler, Carmen Rodriguez, and Felipe Ortiz.EXPAND
The team behind Ofa: (left to right) Lucas Scudeler, Carmen Rodriguez, and Felipe Ortiz.
Courtesy of Ofa

Brazilian Restaurant Ofa to Open in Sunset Harbour

In the next month, Ofa, a modern Brazilian concept, will open its doors in Miami Beach's Sunset Harbour.

The restaurant joins a growing group of dining spots within this small, waterfront neighborhood like NaiYaRa, Icebox, Pubbelly, and Lucali, along with newer additions like Dr Smood and Soul Tavern.

When Ofa opens between late July and early August, expect more than just a menu centered around meat. Created by Brazilian hospitality vets Felipe Ortiz, Carmen Rodriguez, and Lucas Scudeler, Ofa will feature a lineup of dishes rooted in a range of regions across the South American country. One example is picadinho, where filet mignon cubes are flavored in a meat sauce and served in a bowl with crispy kale, brown rice, and farofa topped with a fried egg.

"Brazil is a huge country with varied traditional dishes that go way beyond the Brazilian steakhouse concept," Rodriguez says. “Ofa’s cuisine is inspired by the bold flavors and fresh ingredients found in those regional dishes."

Within the 2,200-square-foot indoor-outdoor space, the restaurant will channel a Brazilian vibe through greenery and natural elements like brightly colored decor and an imported Brazilian tree that will fill the dining patio and garden lounge.

The restaurant will be stocked with a selection of caipirinhas made with imported Brazilian cachaças and will also feature a beer list from Anheuser-Busch’s new Wynwood brewery, Veza Sur Brewing Co. Make sure to order the chopp, a popular Brazilian draft lager which is served just below freezing with a three-inch layer of foam.

Though a food menu has not been released, a sneak peek revealed classic Brazilian dishes like feijoada, a stew of beans with meat and rice, and grilled octopus, tapioca popcorn, and slow-cooked beef ribs served with sides like manioc aligot and farofa. There will be a selection of Brazilian sweets too, such as brigadeiros and lemon caipirinha pies. The restaurant also plans to offer a chef’s table where diners can opt for a special prix-fixe tasting menu.

An exact opening date is expected soon.

Ofa. 1929 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach; 305-778-6723.

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