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The Federal Tonight: Bites, Beers, and Babes

The days when our dads hid in the garage drinking Budweiser and getting their bromances on are over. Brews aren't just a man's game anymore. The emergence of women's tasting groups, such as Miami's Craft Brewjas, is proof positive that chicks definitely dig beer too.

And now, with the launch of Spirited Sirens, there's another option for females who like to tip it back. Tonight, the group will host its first tasting event -- Bites, Beers, and Babes -- at the Federal.

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For $25, booze hounds can sample four craft brews, paired with light bites. The beers will range from light to dark and from pale ales to stouts.

Jennifer Massolo, founder of Spirited Sirens, has been in the wine business since 1993. "I was interested in generating greater awareness of quality beers and spirits among women. Traditionally a man's world, beer and spirits are more and more being appreciated by women. They are interested in knowing what to buy and order, much like we have been with wine," she says.

The four-flight tasting kicks off at 7 p.m., but guests can show up as early as 6:30 for a welcome snack and a beer cocktail.

Down the road, Massolo has big plans for the group.

"Spirited Sirens has two arms: the blog and the tasting series. They are interrelated, as the tastings will be featured on the blog, and any travel I do will not only be documented on the blog, but also the tasting series will take place in new cities depending on my travels. For example, if I am in Denver visiting some breweries and distilleries, I'll arrange a Spirited Sirens tasting at a local bar or restaurant with whom I have a relationship."

And no, the group isn't anti-dude. Spirited Sirens welcomes both sexes. "Note that not all tastings will be limited to just women. We'd love to have a guy or two around. It's really about creating an environment where women feel comfortable to ask questions and learn without feeling like they are catching up or ignorant for not knowing," Massolo says. "It won't be dissimilar to the 'book club' gatherings where we eat, drink, and get educated -- oh, and chat like there's no tomorrow."

You can check out the Spirited Sirens website for additional info, and tickets are available online or at the door for tonight's dinner. Cost is $25 per person. The dinner kicks off at 7 p.m.

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