The 15 Most Colorful Restaurants In Miami

​​In alphabetical order:

Acqua in the Four Seasons Hotel Miami
Aqua connotes greenish-blue. Acqua connotes the restaurant helmed by chef Patrick Boucher in Miami's Four Seasons Hotel. The Life Acquatic is a movie with Bill Murray, but has nothing to do with restaurants.

Azul in the Mandarin Oriental Miami
Tables at Azul look out upon the azul waters of Biscayne Bay. Azul's Chef Clay Conley, meanwhile, is setting out for the wild blue yonder with his own restaurant in Palm Beach called Buccan - which sounds a little like a color, but is a frame for roasting meats.

Big Pink
This longstanding South Beach diner takes its name and color from the longstanding big pink Woodstock house where The Band recorded its long-playing-but-maybe-not-so-longstanding album "Music From Big Pink". Pink is also the color of the hamburger center if you order it medium to medium-rare.

Blue Marlin Fish House
The blue marlin is one of the largest and most beautiful fish in the world. It also tastes great smoked. Thus the Blue Marlin Fish House, which has been in Oleta State Park in one form or another since 1938.

Blue Door Fish
OLD favorite in the Delano Hotel. NEW name, concept, and look. BORROWS signature dishes from the old menu. Different restaurant but remains BLUE.

Blue Martini Lounge
If you're feeling blue, you can head to this Mary Brickell Village joint for a drink and some company. This lounge is known more for serving blue martinis than bluefin tuna, but in fact it does serve seared tuna and all sorts of stuff for lunch and dinner.

Blue Sky By The Pound
How much exactly does blue sky cost by the pound? Depends on the quality of blue I suppose. This Cuban take-out place has locations in Aventura, Coral Gables, Bird Road, and Plantation, and the specialty tends to be not blue but black - as in beans.

Gold China Chinese Restaurant; In The Coral Reef Shopping Center in Palmetto Bay
No, I never heard of this one either, but every list needs some filler. Plus the online menu looks pretty good.

Grey Eatery Cafe, 1200 Brickell Ave. #130; 305-371-2010.
It's a lunch joint in an office building. Maybe the owner's name is Mr. Grey, but otherwise what kind of a name for a cafe is "grey"? They might as well have named the place Drab Eatery Cafe.

GreenStreet Cafe
It's easy being GreenStreet Cafe, which rakes in plenty of greenbacks each year from diners enjoying the casual fare and just-as-casual outdoor Coconut Grove people-watching scene. In this sustainable farm-to-table day and age, it's surprising that there aren't more local restaurant monikers with the word "green."

Orange Art Cafe
It might interest some to know that orange, yellow, red, and other warm colors have been proven in studies to increase appetite; conversely, cool colors depress appetite. That's why every major chain restaurant - McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, etc. have red and/or yellow in its' logo. So Orange Art Cafe in the Design District is perhaps savvy in putting this hue in our minds.

Red The Steakhouse
Rumor has it an offshoot is being planned called "Black And Blue, The Rarest Steakhouse." But, as I say, just a rumor.

Red Light Little River
This popular Kris Wessel venture was originally called Red Light, then extended to Red Light Little River, a nod to the body of water that flows by the outdoor tables. Now it has a sort of Native American ring to it, which is nice. Plus it remains one of our favorite places to eat.

Silver Palace Chinese Restaurant on SW 137th Ave.
An American city can't really be considered an American city unless it has a Chinese restaurant called Silver Palace in it. Proud to say we've got one. If anyone has ever eaten there, please let us know how it is.

The Yellow Submarine Truck
Yes, you're right, this is a sandwich shop on wheels, and thus not technically a "restaurant". But just what kind of obnoxiously nitpicking person are you to point such a thing out? Jesus. Where was I? Oh yes - Yellow Submarine takes its color seriously. For instance, you can get a Yellow Dog (with provolone, ketchup, mayo, mustard, pineapple sauce, homemade sauce, and crushed potato chips) or a Yellow Burger (with chorizo inside). Good stuff!

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