Purdy Lounge: A Happy Hour for Those Tired of Happy Hours

The Place: Purdy Lounge
1811 Purdy Avenue Miami Beach
(305) 531-4622

The Hours: Monday through Friday, 3-7 p.m.

The Deals: Two for one.

The Scene: On the eve of its 10-year anniversary, the Purdy is like that friend of yours that you always say should grow up, but who never changes. But then when you're both old, you realize he was right to stay the same the whole time. The bar is unpretentious and welcoming to all manner of South Beach life. And its happy hour is the same, but without the late night crowds which work in your favor when you're trying to hook up but which grate on frayed nerves after work.


Drop by and you'll get to appreciate the funky finger chairs, eclectic art work and other weird things hanging from the walls that go unnoticed in the late night smoke haze. Plus you can hear Jason Lee-lookalike bartender Haran Cantor wax on about the things he's seen at the Purdy--everything from Owen Wilson groping to Ty Pennington thieving, and plenty of nasty stuff that we'll leave for him to tell.

Conclusion: For a long time the Purdy Lounge has been the spot on Miami Beach to hangout when you've had about enough of South Beach. It's laid back appeal--they boast that they've never ever had a cover charge--works double time during the day light hours. Sure you'll miss the usual hijinx that accompanies a Purdy visit, but there's also less chance of winding up in the arms of Mr. or Mrs. Wrong in the morning.

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