Baby wants Amarone

Planning ahead: VinItaly Miami

Always planning ahead, I am, and this year you can skip the chocolate-covered chocolates on Valentine's Day and buy me tickets to Vinitaly instead. I know it seems like our favorite romantic occasion is months and months away, to say nothing of the MAJOR PRESENT HOLIDAY we have coming up toot sweet (still stuck for a Christmas present? Easy solution: Trip to Paris), but its never too early to start cogitating on how to wow the love of your life is it? And we know how these damn Miami events tend to sell out before you can say baby Amarone, right baby?

At any rate the US tour of Vinitaly will be hitting Miami February 9 through 11, and 50 Italian wineries are going to be spreading the weath around, offering tastings and tutorials, plus wine dinners hosted by 10 top Miami restaurants. While the event is really a trade show, the wine dinners and probably some of the the walk-around tastings will be open to the public. Plus seminars in which the secrets of the wine industry shall be revealed (don't worry, we'll send a spy). We'll have more info on ticket prices as soon as its available.

-- Gail Shepherd

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