Obama Swept Off His POTUS Feet by Florida Pizza Shop Owner

President Obama probably has the most stressful and figuratively back-breaking job in the country, right?


Scott Van Duzer, owner of Big Apple Pizza & Pasta in Fort Myers, took the back-breaking spotlight yesterday afternoon when Obama made an unscheduled pit stop at his pizza shop and Van Duzner scooped the POTUS up for a big ol' bear hug.

Bromance style.

At least Florida's in the news for something cute and cuddly instead of something wild, embarrassing, and meth-induced.

Van Duzner, who stands at 6'3" and weighs 260 pounds, raced back to work from the driving range when he was told the president was due in for a pit stop in 40 minutes, according to Yahoo! News. The POTUS was just finishing up a two-day bus campaign run in Florida.

Obama told onlookers and a pool of reporters, "look at these guns," referring to Van Duzners large biceps. They giggled and embraced and at that point the pizza shop owner decided to show off his stock of gun show artillery and lift Obama upwards of a foot off the ground.

We half-expected captions to read, "Obama Supermans that bro" on AP and Reuters photos when we Googled the news. Alas, we sadly found none.

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