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Food News Roundup: Cuban Coffee, Allergies, Low Fat, Ice Balls, Super Brawl, and Local Milk

  • According to organizers, attendance at Americas Food & Beverage Show up 10%. [Herald]
  • Australian reality-tv star Tabatha Coffey loves Cuban food and Cuban coffee. [NBCmiami]
  • This blog beat the Herald on the Natural Choice Vending interview by over two months. [Herald] [ShortOrder]
  • Miami company releases two new products to help allergists determine and create plans to deal with patients' food allergies. [Earthtimes]
  • Dr. Ewald Horvath, interim chairman of psychiatry at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine says a low-fat diet "shows both long term weight loss and improved mood." [USnews]
  • Ice Caters LLC, with a distribution center in Miami, has found its niche in selling spherical drink ice, ice balls, to the liquor industry. [PRweb]
  • Superbowl at Land Shark Stadium is occasion for Super Gate III: The Super Brawl of Tailgating in parking lot F of Calder Casion and Racecourse. [PR]
  • Whole Foods now selling Dakin Dairy Farms "locally produced milk" at all 16 Florida locations. [Bradenton]

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