SAFE Miami Launches New Wynwood Radio Show UPDATE

UPDATE The premiere of SAFE Miami's show on Wynwood Radio will not air at 2 p.m. today as originally scheduled, because their "master file was damaged." The program can now be heard on June 15.

Earlier this week, we gave you a heads up on the new Wynwood Radio show hosted by Nightdrive's Laura (of Miami).

Well, the Internet station is about to get another great addition to its repertoire when longstanding Miami electronic music tastemakers SAFE launch their new show.

If you've been to any of the collective's parties over the last few years (including their Electric Pickle residency, WMC lineups such as Flying Circus and Last Resort, and showcases for labels like Get Physical and Ghostly International), you know you're in for some quality musical programming.

"SAFE is about community and celebrating underground music. It aims at challenging tastes and standards," SAFE's Diego Martinelli tells Crossfade. "It's about improbable connections that manifest themselves through the nights. Most importantly, it's about the collective experience. The vibe is everything."

Listeners can expect a lot more than just uhntz-uhntz on the show. "It will not be a continuous DJ mix for the whole two hours. There actually won't be that much mixing going on," he explains. "Stylistically, it won't be only deep house and techno. It will feature other styles and tempos. We're going to play lots of new music as well as older records we care for.

"There will be some light commentary about the music we play, and about artists and labels whom we are feeling and will feature. Every week, we'll also be doing some on-air interviews with featured artists and an occasional live hot mix, here and there. There will also be a segment that will feature original music by Miami artists, every week.

"We believe the show will be fresh and engaging," Diego adds. "Sometimes shows can fall flat when no one knows or isn't told a bit more about what they are actually listening to. I hope that listeners find it valuable that we are also going to discuss the music and will have some very cool candid interviews with interesting people.

"Something that is very important to us is doing our part in informing the newer fans of the music where this all came from. Our own enthusiasm for this thing we love and live for is probably what's gonna help bridge us to the right listeners. That's the way it's been with SAFE all along.

And Diego laughs, "There might be attempts at dry comedy and some political satire as well."

Tune in for SAFE Radio's debut show Friday, June 8 Friday, June 15, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Wynwood Radio. And don't miss SAFE's next throwdown at the Electric Pickle on June 30, featuring the Miami debut of Recloose.

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