Five YouTube Songs Celebrating the Death of Osama Bin Laden

There's no better way to express pure joy than the art of song.

So when the news broke on Sunday that Obama had killed Osama, a giddy mob of superpatriotic Americans flocked to special spots like the White House, Ground Zero, and Times Square to musically convey its overwhelming excitement and gushing happiness over Bin Laden getting a bullet in the brain. There were catchy chants of "USA!" and sing-along renditions of "The Star-Spangled Banner" and exalted choruses of "We Are the Champions."

Meanwhile, though, other citizens of these United States were too lazy to leave their bedrooms, choosing instead to broadcast their celebratory tunes via the internet.

See the cut for five YouTube songs celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden.

5. SpencerKindaFunny's "No Virgins"

In this clip by SpencerKindaFunny, Osama speaks from the grave in a shitty Middle Eastern accent, sing-talking lyrics like "There's no virgins/Not even chicks who did it one or two times" to the tune of Madonna's "Like a Virgin." It's celebratory, not even kinda funny, and yet still annoyingly catchy.

4. tehDirt's "Osama Is Dead (Party Rock)"

This bright and crunchy house music banger by tehDirt doesn't even try to be funny. Instead, "Osama Is Dead!!! (Party Rock)" is a straightforward call to the club ("Osama was killed tonight/So everybody come have a good time") with a few Charlie Sheen/Winning references tossed into the mix for no fucking reason at all.

3. bigntall08's "Osama Is Dead!"

On the basis of bigntall08's red-white-and-blue, Springsteen-meets-Rambo, ultra-American getup, you'd think he's kidding around with this quiet-loud, country-fied kiddie song called "Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!" and its refrain of "USA, USA, USA Number 1!" But then there's his heartfelt mission statement: "I was inspired greatly by the news of USA's triumph over terrorism, so I wrote this song very quickly, the chorus just reflects the true patriotic spirit that resides within us all."

Joke? Or just superpatriotic? You decide.

2. Jonathan Mann's "Osama Bin Laden Is Dead"

Normally, you wouldn't peg the sensitive indie type as the kind of American that'd own an acoustic guitar emblazoned with the motto, "This Machine Kills Terrorists." Or someone who spends his spare time putting together cutesy little folk ditties about Osama Bin Laden and covert killplots. But Jonathan "Song A Day" Mann is a superpatriotic singer-songwriter. And he means fucking business.

1. scottgerling's "We Shall Never Surrender!"

Saving the best celebratory tune for last, we here at Crossfade present scottgerling's self-described "One Man Band tribute to the brave men and women in our armed services." It's entitled "We Shall Never Surrender!" and it belongs to the most American of all music genres ... Hair metal.

In the description for this vid, scottgerling writes: "To say that I am jubilant that this insane asshole is gone is an understatement." Sing it, Scotty! And get this shit on iTunes ASAP!

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