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Video: III Points Proved Local Music Is Alive…

Another III Points has come and gone, and I’m still trying to find my lost innocence voice. The...

III Points Festival

Top Miami Music News

Casey Veggies Talks Debut

Casey Veggies is not a new name. The 22-year-old rapper popped up on radars as a member of the...


Top Miami Music News

The 50 Shades of TropiGoth at III Points

When I was little, Goths listened to Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the Cure. They wore...


Top Miami Music News

Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame Welcomes Emilio

"This isn't about me," says Emilio Estefan. "It's about opening the door for other people and...


Top Miami Music News

Review: III Points Day Three

Feet were sore. Heads hurt. It was the last leg of a long race, but Sunday's III Points lineup —...

III Points Festival

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