Mr. Smoothie & The Wrap Guy Sell Healthy, Talk Football

Chicken entrepreneur Kerry Burns claims he brought the Buffalo wing to Miami back in 1986 when he opened Miami Wings restaurant in Cutler Bay.

Well, he sold that joint and is now doing health food. His new project is called Mr. Smoothie & The Wrap Guy, a concept he's partnered up with Danny Kaplan, the owner of Best Deli 2002 winner Roasters & Toasters, to operate at all kind of venues.

Burns says, "We started 6 weeks ago and have done like 20 events already, from the UM opener at Land Shark Stadium to the VIP at Heartwalk. We're going for the healthy thing.

We do all the big ESPN highschool football games too. We were there at the Central vs. Northwestern game. We did fruit punch smoothies out there....for all the blacks y'know, hu-huh.

Coming up we're gonna be at the Fairchild Rambles, Nascar, St. Stephens Art Festival in the Grove, and that Gay Pride thing on Miami Beach, what's it called? That gay parade. Wait, just scratch that off."

Mr. Smoothie & The Wrap Guy have a catering, delivery, and special events menu with smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, salads, hot entrees, and cupcakes in single servings, box lunches and platters. Call Mr. Smoothie at 305-609-9598.

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