Anthony Bourdain Dresses Like a Priest, Blesses Big Gay Ice Cream; Truck Tracker

Miami has a thriving food truck scene. Over 70 trucks at last count are wrapped in elaborate murals of happy dancing pigs, cows and shrimp, all begging for you to come and sample their flesh. The truck names are witty and the owners themselves are colorful characters.

But even though our Miami trucks are fun, there's nothing that compares to New York's
The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Owner/partners Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff bought the truck, a former Mr. Softee mobile (insert whatever ironic Mr. Softee/Big Gay joke here), and started selling ice cream at the 2009 Brooklyn Pride Festival.

People were intrigued by the name and stayed for the ice cream in flavors like Bea Arthur and Salty Pimp. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck soon became famous, being featured on Cooking Channels' Eat Street and Bravo's Bethenny Ever After.

We suppose it was natural that the next big gay step would be for Quint and Petroff to open a shop. And they did.

This past Monday, The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop opened in the East Village in a typical big

gay celebration consisting of a bassoon orchestra, a drag queen

and ... Anthony Bourdain dressed as a priest.


benediction was short and sweet: make a lot of money and sell a

shitload of motherf**king ice cream!

We have a suggestion for the The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Since they operate the truck in New York only in the summer and just opened the store, send the truck to Miami! We have a colorful cast of characters here that are just waiting to taste your flamboyant creations. And since every stereotype of Miami is true in one way or another, think of all the scoops of Mermaid and Rich White Husband they'll sell.

Here's Bourdain blessing the shop:

Food trucks tonight at Boys and Girls Clubs of Kendall from 5 to 10 p.m. Trucks include Che Grill

CheeseMe, Dim Ssam a Gogo,

Dolci Peccati Gelato,

The Fish Box,

The Flying Saucer,

Jefe's Original Fish Taco & Burgers,

Latin Burger & Taco,

The MexZican Gourmet,

Mr. Good Stuff,


The Red Koi, and

Sugar Rush. Boys and Girls Clubs of Kendall, 9475 SW 88th Street, Miami

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.