Ozzie Guillen Ranked Least-Respected Manager in Poll of 100 Players

Much like Rodney Dangerfield, Ozzie Guillen gets no respect. A recent poll of 100 current MLB players by Men's Journal reveals that the Venezuelan loud mouth is the least respected baseball manager currently in the league. He ran away with the dishonor by a wide margin.

Thirty-six percent of players picked Guillen as the least respected manager. Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine (who, you might remember, at various times was buzzed about as a possible Marlins managers) came in second place with a distant 14 percent. Cleveland Indians manager Manny Acta came in third.

Maybe its his loud mouthed comments, or his admitted habit of getting drunk after every road game, but it appears that there's not a lot of love for Guillen&

"Maybe it's because I'm not a hypocrite, maybe because I'm not fake, maybe because I no kiss everybody's ass," Guillen told the Sun-Sentinel on learning of the survey results.

"The best thing about me as a manager is when I go out and see another team and my [former] players come out and hug me and say 'Hi.' Ninety percent of the players I've managed come over and say, 'Hi.' They ask about my family, they still have contact with me."

Miami lost out in other key categories like "city with the best groupies" (probably because our groupies are all basketball obsessed at the moment), and thankfully, "team you'd least like to play for."

However, the team did come up first in another category. Slugger Giancarlo Stanton was voted player in the best shape.

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