Miami's 25 Most-Followed Instagrams

Last year, we answered a pressing social media question in South Florida: Namely, who was behind the 50 most followed Miami Twitter accounts. The result was a surprising list full of celebrities, athletes, politicians, media outlets, a few social media superstars, and even a good showing of people over 40.

When we decided to compile a similar run-down of the most followed Miami Instagram users, well, lets just say we got a crash course on the differences between the two social media platforms.

Instagram, obviously, is a picture-driven network, of which selfies are the most popular genre. Sure, Miami's most-followed 'grammers includes some blue-chip celebs, but it's really no surprise that this list has quite a few, hm — how else to say — rear-icly gifted women. Yes, beauty and fame rule on this list. 

A quick note on how we compiled this: Twitter provides a dedicated field for people to identify their location, and the tracking tools are much more advanced for Twitter than they are for Instagram. Compiling this Instagram was a bit more of a challenge. We used our Twitter for a base idea of social media reach, but then had to do a whole lot of supplemental research. The 305's "Girls" section turned out to be a surprisingly invaluable resource. We also had to make a few calls on those "have a house here, but don't live here all the time" celebs. Mostly that came down to how much Miami is represented on their Instagram in the recent past. 

It's also quite possible we missed a random Instagram model or Univision personality, and by all means let us know in the comments and we'll update. Here are your top 25 Miami Instagram champions: 

25. Iesha Maria, @iesha_mariee

Come skate w me MUA @gpexclusives

A photo posted by iESHA. (@iesha_mariee) on

24. Mario Chalmers, @MChalmers
Heat Player... for now

Happy Friday. Enjoy the day

A photo posted by Mario Chalmers (@mchalmers15) on

23. Luis Fonsi, @LuisFonsi

Puerto Rican singer

Increíble la gente que uno se encuentra por la vida!!! #D'OH!

A photo posted by Luis Fonsi (@luisfonsi) on

22. Ultra Music Festival,
Music Festival 

drop it hard

A photo posted by Ultra Music Festival (@ultra) on

21. Claudia Sampedro,
Model famous for her resemblance to Kim Kardashian 

20. Lili Estefan, @LilIEstefan
Univision Host

Los limones mas grandes que he visto! Solo en #Positano #Italia #vacaciones

A photo posted by Lili Estefan (@liliestefan) on

19. Jesús Miranda, @ChinoMiranda
Singer from Chino y Nacho

18. Alejandra Espinoza, @aleespinozatv
Univision personality 
1 million followers 

17. R.M. Drake,
1.2 million followers

16. Chris Bosh, @ChrisBosh
Miami Heat player
1.2 million followers 

An appreciation for the past, but always with a vision for the future. #BoshFamilyWorldTour #Stonehenge

A photo posted by Chris Bosh (@chrisbosh) on

15. Lisa Morales, @MissLisaMorales
Model, "health & fitness mentor"
1.4 million followers

New posters coming soon!! LisaMorales.net

A photo posted by Lisa Morales (@misslisamorales) on

14. Trina, @trinarockstarr
1.4 million followers

A photo posted by katrina (@trinarockstarr) on

13. Dolly Castro, @MissDollyCastro
Model, fitness enthusiast, designer 
1.5 million followers

12. DJ Khaled, @DJKhaled
DJ, rap song intro shouter
1.5 million followers

I promise you I'ma hold you down. My family, friends and team...I'ma hold you down. To all my fans followers and supporters who pray for my continued success, I say this...thank you. Thank you for trusting me to deliver ANOTHER ONE! Another smash. Another moment to remember where you were when you first heard @chrisbrownofficial sing I'll Hold You Down on the intro. The feeling you get when @future talks that talk, Bentley trucks, Lamborghini doors in the sky! Or @augustalsina on the bridge sounding like a young legend in the making. @jeremih you did your thing on that hook boy!!! U told them "sit in my whip and see the stars!" Another hit. Another plaque! With the RIAA cause some of yall act like we don't see yours ain't got that on there! Jus know im never gonna stop ever! WE THE BEST! THE LOGO THAT YOU CAN TRUST!!!! To the producers, WE DID IT AGAIN!!!! When me @leeonthebeats @coolanddreofficial @dreday3000 get together we make NUMBER 1s and give you a talk U ain't never heard in your life! Yes baby YOU SMART! YOU A GENIUS!!! Big up Bkorn and LDB. To Quincy Jones, thank you for inspiring me!!!!!! You're the master of putting superstars together in a room and coming out with classic hit smash sensations!!!! That's what im all about...putting out classic hit smash sensations with a legendary talk and captivating melodies performed by the BIGGEST!!!!!! Hold You Down is officially gold on its way to platinum! Thank you all again for supporting the BIGGEST brand in the game. It's WE THE BEST! ANOTHER ONE MY VOICE! @wethebestmusic #wethebesttakeover #ichangedalot on its way !!!! GOD IS THE GREATEST!!!.......#HowManyTimes next one up!!

A photo posted by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on

11. Mia Khalifa, @MiaKhalifa1
Porn star
1.8 million followers 

10. Miami Heat,
Basketball team
1.8 million followers

9. Kathy Ferreiro, @Kathyzworld
Model, Body Wrap businesswoman 
1.9 million followers 

A photo posted by Kathy (@kathyzworld) on

8. Pitbull,
Rapper, Mr. 305/Worldwide
2.1 million followers

#TBT Patience, Passion and Perseverance #Mr305 #MrWorldwide

A photo posted by Pitbull (@pitbull) on

7. Yovana Ventura, @YoVentura
Model, rumored on again/off again girlfriend to Justin Bieber 
2.3 million followers 

6. Lele Pons, @LelePons
Vine superstar
2.5 million followers

VENEZUELAN Photo: @ohrangutang M&H: @cristinapilo

A photo posted by Lelepons (@lelepons) on

5. Enrique Iglesias,
Singer, drone victim
3.3 million followers

Thanks for watching #MTVTheRide live chat guys. Had fun! BTS in #FreakoutApp http://bit.ly/eifreakoutapp

A photo posted by Enrique Iglesias (@enriqueiglesias) on

4. Rick Ross, @RichForever
Rapper, Wing Stop franchise owner, accused abductor 
3.3 million followers

aka THICK SMOKE! Up early @vapinmcig

A photo posted by Ricky Rozay (@richforever) on

3. Gabrielle Union, @GabUnion
Actress, wife of #2 on this list
4.4 million followers

Me and Babe... #ILovePork

A photo posted by Gabrielle Union (@gabunion) on

2. Dwyane Wade, @DwyaneWade
Heat Player, husband of #3 on this list
4.7 million followers

1. Austin Mahone, @AustinMahone
Singer, who, yes, we know, but look at his Instagram; he does technically live here
7.1 million followers 

Always good to get a lil sweat in before the show

A photo posted by Austin Mahone (@austinmahone) on

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