Kendrick Meek Attacks Jeff Greene By Comparing Him To 1950s TV Character Your Parents Barely Remember

Senate candidate Kendrick Meek is now facing a self-financed billionaire in the Democratic primary. In fact, that billionaire, Jeff Greene, already has TV ads running all over the state. So how does Meek fight back? By drawing a quirky correlation to a current and relevant pop culture phenomenon that will instantly resonate with today's young voters... oh wait, no, sorry, that's wrong. He's comparing Greene to a supporting character from a show that stopped airing new episodes three years before Meek was even born.

Yes, Jeff Greene is "the Eddie Haskell of Senate candidates," because he made lots of money shorting sub-prime mortgages. Which... what?

Haskell is, of course, the two faced, sycophant neighbor kid from '50s sitcom Leave it to Beaver. We're only familiar with the 1997 movie remake, so we called up our grandmother to see if there was ever a plot line about Haskell doing some sort of shady investments or benefiting from sub-prime mortgages and apparently, no, that never happened.

Meek has a new site: LeaveItToGreene.com and this web-only ad below. Yes, Florida has a lot of old voters, this is true. How many of them will log in and see this? Probably not a lot. How many of them will this actually make sense to? Even fewer.

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