Tiesto Hates on Daft Punk: Five Reasons This Idiot's Jealous

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No Matter How Much Money He Makes, He Will Never Get Top Billing Over Daft Punk

This has got to really keep Tiësto up at night. If there's ever been a poster boy for self-involved, egotistical superstar douche jockeying, it's Tiesticle. He's a corporate and media whore, he's the richest DJ in the world, he's bloated as shit, he probably works out more than he practices, and he hardly challenges himself artistically whether live or on his original releases. We will admit Kaleidoscope makes us dance, but that's basically all we'll concede. Meanwhile, Daft Punk is influential from indie rock to house, electro, and all the BPMs. They essentially reinvigorated the popular EDM scene, spawned the obsession with giant stage productions with their pyramid in '06-'07, and have the balls to reject the frenzy they inspired. No matter what happens, Daft Punk will always be a bigger name than Tiësto, and his pile of riches can't buy him their place in music history.

Tiësto Can't Understand Daft Punk's Conceptual Approach

Throughout their career, the Daft Punk guys have treated their albums as opportunities to make sophisticated artistic statements. Homework, of which Tiësto admits being a fan, was the invention of the "bedroom producer." They made the whole thing on their computers at home, and that was the point, to show it could be done, hence the title. Discovery (Disco-Very) was an incredible journey into the heart of the musical influences and themes that they would again visit with this most recent release. Human After All is a brilliant exploration of emotional themes as told through the most robotic instrumentation and sounds. Random Access Memories is a mirror image of Human After All, but this time told through the most analog instrumentation and recording processes. We could probably write a doctoral thesis on the Daft Punk catalog. On the contrary, Tiësto albums are just a collection of pretty songs, and with his rant about R.A.M., he makes his ignorance apparent.

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