Five Real Trap (Rap) Songs

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4. T.I.'s "24's"

Atlanta Trap Muzik at its finest. Though "24's" lyrical content is formulaic -- an inexhaustible supply of material possessions and blowing out drugs on a set of fat rims -- Tip became the commander of bouncy, snare-heavy ATL trap with this DJ Toomp produced chart-topper. T.I. is a mainstream trap forefather; he layers twangy rhymes about darker days as a dealer over hip-swinging radio staples. No wonder he's the "King of Da South."

3. Three Six Mafia's "Poppin' My Collar"

Remember when every idiot in an Abercrombie polo sported an upturned collar? Thank this 2006 jingle. But it is a classic trap gem -- preaching that you gotta hustle to get what you want. And after Three Six's unforeseen Academy Award victory for the Hustle and Flow anthem, "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," that same year, DJ Paul's and Juicy J's street life ideology really was hitting the masses.

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Jessica Militare