Daft Punk's Durex Condoms: A Five-Step Guide to "Get Lucky"

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Buy Her One Drink

Now that you've raised the bar, it's time to raise a cup to the stars. But don't go buying this great girl a million drinks till she's sloppy and turns into a monster. Buying her one drink also ensures that, should she change her mind, she's not running away with all your money. Women will take your money and run, and they won't even feel bad about it.

Have the Right Moves

A man who can dance is a man who can have any lady he wants. Sorry, white boy, that one awkward move you do isn't cutting it. Grinding on her ass while she jiggles isn't dancing either. It's hottest when you know how to move with her body, kind of touching but kind of not. So figure it out. Take a class. Watch a YouTube video. You're ready.

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