Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Rappers: From Rick Ross to Kanye West

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Trinidad James

Stuffers: $15 Simon Giftcard, BPA-Free Water Bottle, and Jewelry Polishing Cloth

What do you get for the man who has "all gold everything?"

Well, James loves "hipster bitches that shop at Lennox" mall in Atlanta, so a Simon Property Group gift card is a thoughtful stocking stuffer, as is a jewelry polishing cloth to keep said "all gold everything" clean.

However, the sweetest gift you could give a sweaty someone who "popped a Molly" is a BPA-free water bottle, a reminder to stay hydrated while recreationally enjoying designer drugs.

Rick Ross

Stuffers: Pocketsize Notepad and a Wallet

With his "homie in the cell," Ross felt that he "had to write a poem." Surely, he'd love a compact notebook to jot some verses down when the mood strikes.

And even though people know better than to start shit with the Bawse, it's no excuse for Lil Woodie to have Rozay's money "rolled up in a rubber band."

Get a wallet.

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