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Miami's Magical Holiday Gift Guide: Navarro Discount Pharmacy

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Your kids, mom, the dog, they don't care if you're using pennies collected off the floor of your car to buy a $0.49 cheeseburger for dinner. They want presents this Christmas.

But where are you going to buy gifts for your loved ones and the people you don't really like on the cheap? What's the one place where you can pick up a phone jack, get your film developed, and also score uniquely Miami stocking stuffers? Navarro, of course!

This local gem is a store of many surprises and practical items, brimming with holiday cheer and strange gift items. We took a stroll through this discount pharmacy to help pick out items that will please your Miami people and former 305 folks.

For the smelly comic book fanatic, there's Wolverine cologne. Does it smell like wolf sweat? Does it reek of animal musk? We can only hope. This is the perfect way to give the preteen nephew who needs deodorant a heads up. There are also aromas that represent members of the Justice League, G.I. Joe, and the Transformers.

Holy moly. We'll ignore the fact that the author of this Ricky Martin: Red-Hot and On the Rise's last name matches that of this writer to recognize that this is an awesome gift. Who doesn't want to learn all about Ricky Martin's life pre-1999? What a moment in time, dude. A snapshot of a singer before he left the closet and became the dad of twins. Pick this book up for the young, gay Puerto Rican in your life.

Every Miami boy and girl is familiar with the smell of violettas. In fact, Royal Violets is the baby perfume of choice for about 50% of the adult Cuban men in this city. Perhaps that's why a whole section of Navarro is dedicated to this odor-masker and also why this next item is so awesome.

That's right, someone created a product called Miami Violets. While Royal Violets is for the traditional man or baby, Miami Violets is for the contemporary man or baby. Seriously though, this is such a perfect Miami present, especially for those who need a dose of SoFla who no longer live here.

Though the sign calls these "applique s woven ass," these are charms of protection. The nazars, which look like lidless eyes ward off the envy of others. There's the Saint Lazaro and Caridad del Cobre pendants, who will also keep you safe from the nastiness, illnesses, and downfalls of life. These are great for the aunt who reads tarot and talks to angels.

This same aunt might need a little luck after you've helped protect them from the bitches of the earth. Luckily, Navarro carries a range of perfumes that grant attraction, luck, and even one that opens theoretical roads. These are good for baths or just smelling like you've got fortune on your side.

These votive crucifix stands are super Christmasy. Bro, they point toward the reason for the season (hint: J.C.). This candle holder is way neat for praying any time of year. This is great for your nativity lovers and religious fanatics.

​These chancletas are like super cute! OMG, it's like somebody took all of your 15 year old niece from Kendall's favorite things and, like, put them together into flip flops. Magenta and glitter? For real, though. These chancs are for the sexy young mamis who likes to keep it casual.

This Celine Dion perfume is quite the deal at Navarro. As you can see from this list, the store has a huge collection of colognes and smelly substances at a discount, including that of actresses like Halle Berry. No lie. This smell will stop your heart from going on and just make it feel sensational.

​Also quality bedside reading, but closer to the present moment, is the 2011 Horoscopo Dia A Dia. Pictured here is a book indicating what Capricorns should expect out of life, every single day of the year. Try to buy the 2012 version for those you love. This 2011 one is fine for those you don't. Let them figure out life on their own.

Happy holidays!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.