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Five Best Places for a Gay Wedding in South Florida (Once It's Legal)

Hooray New York! (Imagine a chorus snapping fingers!) The state became the largest and most important in the union to allow same sex marriages last week. But we have to admit, watching the measure pass made us a bit jealous. After all, Miami is just as gay as New York, if not gayer.

And with the chances of legalizing same sex marriages in Florida slimmer than our tightest skinny jeans, we had to come up with some way to celebrate our gayness, lest we get left behind in the closet. We've been thinking about it for a while, ever since we named Thalatta Estate as the Best Wedding Venue in our Best of Miami issue recently. We kept a queer eye on some venues to stage some great gay weddings. Read on to see our top five and their price ranges.

5. Palace Bar and Restaurant

Palace indeed. Its motto is: "Every queen needs a palace." The place sports a veritable harem of same sex lovers every day, but truly distinguishes itself with an awesome brunch menu. Can't you just picture it? A beautiful

Sunday brunch wedding with finger sandwiches, tea and crème, and plenty

of sausage.

Price Range: Nathan Lane

4. The Villa By Barton G (formerly Versace Mansion)

Okay, so maybe this is a little morbid considering it's where Gianni

Versace was gunned down by serial killer Andrew Cunanan. Maybe a lot

morbid. But let's face it, Versace was a fashion and gay icon. So it

makes sense on some level. Plus, design wise the luxurious boutique

hotel is like a gay nocturnal emission. Every end is also a beginning.

Price Range: One Trillion Lira

3. Key West

Anywhere on the island. The place makes South Beach look straight.

Price Range: Andy Dick

2. Elizabeth Taylor's Mansion on Star Island

The grand dame kicked the bucket not too long ago, so renting out her

former digs should be a bit less expensive and provide gay couples

with the honor of getting hitched in the estate of the ultimate fag hag.

We're thinking a ceremony like Stanford and Anthony's in Sex in the City

2, sans Liza Minnelli of course.

Price Range: Still, Elizabeth Taylor

1. Vizcaya

This is a no brainer. As well as having the most handsomely manicured lawns

in all of Miami, Vizcaya also is host of the annual White Party's

signature party. It's a gay old time all the way around. And we know white

looks good there.

Price Range: Liberace

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