Art Basel Miami Beach

Artist Maria Builes Jogs While Wearing 60 Lbs. of Animal Fat

Artist Maria Builes wants to make sure you are tuned in to Twitter today. The location for her Art Basel pop-up exhibit, "Satiation," will be announced only on the day of and only through tweets. 

Builes's "Satiation" is a commentary on our obsession with food, weight loss, and appearance. She will park a U-Haul truck at a random location in Miami and proceed to do what most of us would consider insane, and others just another workout. 

For three hours, Maria will run on a treadmill stationed inside the truck, and she will start this off by wearing 60 pounds of animal fat on her body. The excess fat symbolizes the weight she has lost since moving from Miami to New York and cutting out fast food. Every half hour on the treadmill, ten pounds of animal fat comes off (we wish this happened outside of Art Basel). Why put herself through this in the back of a U-Haul truck in the Miami heat? "I wanted to show my interaction with food and exercise."

While Builes sweats her point across, we will be regaled with images of her munching down on fast food through videos playing on a projector screen. As you watch Maria chowing down on greasy, calorie-laden food, you realize why she was overweight before, and why lots of Americans still are. "I am reenacting [what was] my everyday meal."

She considers her novel approach to exhibiting her work during Art Basel, to be pop-up art. "This was my answer to being frustrated. By not getting a gallery, you can't have a show. With the truck, people can come here. That's why Twitter comes into place. Depending on where I park the truck, that will be the location."

The transplanted 305 native has noticed that while the Miami art scene just keeps growing, when she hears about our galleries, they are the same names that she hears in NYC. "They are transporting. It's a Miami/New York thing." For specifics, follow Maria on Twitter

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Ily Goyanes
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