New Study: Americans Are Big, Fat, Gullible Dummies

According to a study conducted by Professor Aradnha Krishna from the University of Michigan, many Americans are big, fat dummies whose psyches and eating habits are manipulated by suits in the marketing, advertising, and fashion industries. 

Krishna's study involved one experiment in which she mislabeled the size of food to test if labels affected our eating patterns. She distributed cookies to participants, labeling some as 'medium' and some as 'large,' even though all the cookies were actually the same size.

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Participants with the 'medium' size cookies ate more than those who believed their cookies to be large.

Krishna's conclusion? Consumers go by the label rather than by what their own bodies tell them. 
Further, Krishna proposes that not only do we eat more if we believe we're eating 'small,' but we also feel as if we didn't eat as much - leading us to eat more later, and making us gain even more weight.

This psychological manipulation of consumers is not strictly relegated to food labels either. Another marketing trick which may be contributing to the weight epidemic among Americans is 'vanity sizing.'

"What used to be a size 8 in the 1950s has become a size 4 in the 1970s and a zero in 2006," explains Krishna.

This leads Americans to think that they are a much smaller size than they really are -- making it possible for them to remain in denial about their expanding waistlines. 

The professor advocates standardized sizing, both in food and in clothing, so that Americans are not deluded into believing that their skinny jeans are in fact, skinny jeans. 

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