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The White Stripes Break Up and Crossfade Begins Anticipating the Inevitable Reunion Tour

After 14 years of playing music together, the White Stripes are calling it quits. A statement on the band's website claims that the breakup happed for "a myrid of reasons, but mostly to preserve what is beautiful and special about the band."

The White Stripes' disbanding was expectedly unexpected. The group hasn't released a studio album since 2007's Icky Thump (a live album, Under Great White Northern Lights, was released in 2010), and both members have experimented with various side projects: Meg modeled for Marc Jacobs, Jack's collaborated with everyone in music, both are married, etc.

However, if there's a bright side to the White Stripes breakup, it's the inevitable White Stripes reunion. In a few years, Jack and Meg will probably claim top billing at a major European music festival, probably Glastonbury or Scotland's T in the Park. It'll follow the release of an overpriced White Stripes boxset containing a shit-ton of unreleased tracks, covers, and demos that span the entire length of the band's career, like the one from last year.

After that, they'll make a triumphant return to the States, playing sold-out shows 'round America's coolest cities and make their first television appearance in _____ years on Conan.

It'll be great, and we'll all reap the benefits of their comeback, because according to the band, "The White Stripes belong to (us) now, and (we) can do whatever (we) want. The beauty of art and music is that it can last forever if people want it to."

That's sweet, guys, thanks.

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