Space Miami to Deadmau5: Come "Host a Free Show ... We Will Cover Expenses Up to $25,000"

Mere days after Deadmau5 declared, "I won't be playing any more Miami clubs," he is considering the possibility of playing a Miami club.

However, unlike the Mau5 man's usual flip-flops (e.g. bitching about Ultra Music Festival 2012, then headlining UMF 2013), this latest 180-degree turnabout might not be so bad.

Why? Because it could lead to a free show.

UPDATE Check out Crossfade's review and photos, "Deadmau5's Free Show for the Real Fans: "Miami's Been Redeemed.'"

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Now if you've happened to miss all the controversy, here is a quick recap ...

On New Year's Day, Deadmau5 was booked for a gig at Mansion on South Beach. But dude didn't dig the vibe, and so he took to Instagram and Twitter to complain about "the entire front row glued to their fucking phones" as well as "fans in the back, trust fund kids up front" and "asshole promoter[s]... taking advantage of my brand/show to sell the fuck out of a show."

He concluded by pledging to personally boycott Miami clubs.

In response, we here at Crossfade suggested Mr. Mau5 either stop bitching or finally do something about the overhyped and overpriced state of the electronic dance music industry.

And now -- hot fucking cheese! -- it seems as though he might actually kinda-sorta scurry into action, thanks in part to an offer from Space Miami to "host a free show at our legendary venue."

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*Via facebook.com/ClubSpace

Dear Joel,

We read with great interest about your recent show in Miami, and your concerns about fans being placed in the back of the venue while trust fund kids paid premium prices to be placed in front of the DJ booth...

We would like to extend an invitation for you to make these fans happy by hosting a free show for them at our legendary venue, Space. We will extend complimentary admission to all your fans and they will be able to enjoy your music on our huge dance floor without trust fund kids or anything else between you and them.

Space will cover your expenses up to $25,000 for your choice of private plane and five-star hotel so that you can come down and give your fans the opportunity to see you for free and experience you up close, the way you intended.

Please give your fans and Miami another opportunity to show you just how great this city is to perform in and how much we love having you here.



Almost immediately following the release of Space's open letter, certain local Deadmau5 devotees went wild, woohoo-ing and fist-pumping and prematurely assuming this proposed complimentary concert was a done deal.

But the Mau5 man was quick to hit Twitter and quell the ecstatic speculation, writing:

Meanwhile, one skeptic wondered whether the free show offer was a "genuine gesture by Space or good marketing?"

To which Deadmau5 replied, tweeting: "oh for sure. BUT. Space... not gunna lie, is a much better venue / crowd" ... "so even if it is a dick move... its still great for the fans no?"

And soon enough, Space was hyping Mr. Mau5's imminent arrival in downtown Miami:

Of course, Deadmau5 still has some details that he'd like to nibble into shape:

But even amid this back-and-forth over specifics, it looks as though Deadmau5 and Space Miami just might have a deal.

Of course, there are about a million things that could cause the Mau5 man to get all bitchy and blow up any agreement with the club and its promoters.

Like ... The fact that Space currently shares a pair of proprietors (Roman Jones and Justin Levine) with Mansion, the Opium Group-owned SoBe megaclub that inspired his Miami club ban.

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