New Kids on the Block VIP Passes and Cruise Sold Out, General Admission Still Available

Four and five star VIP ticket packages equipped with meet-and-greets,

photo ops, a pre-show party and "an exclusive NKOTB gift" have

officially sold out for next Thursday's New Kids on the Block show at the Fillmore.

I've been a New Kids on the Block fan since I was about six. I had the pink comforter with their faces on it, the dolls, the slap bracelets, the clothes, the cassettes with all of their songs (hey, it was the 80s)... I even had my seventh birthday party themed all things NKOTB, and my cake had their faces painted on it. As I said, huge fan.

I was less than stoked to find out that tickets to next Thursday's show

would cost me more than any other show I'd seen at the Fillmore. For

fans that still haven't gotten tickets, Live Nation's site

is selling general admission passes for $81 (plus taxes). Is this the

most expensive show at the Fillmore Miami Beach to date? Die-hard fans

that didn't get to see them during their 2008 Reunion tour and missed

their 2009 South Florida show for obvious reasons (it was canceled) are stuck having to suck it up.

And getting the most bang for your buck isn't an option. Fans wanting

to join NKOTB on their Cruise on Carnival Imagination from May 14-17, cant-- that's sold out too. You can get on the wait list, but not sure how much good that'll do.

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