Expose Singer Gioia Bruno Caught Dealing Meth in Broward County Last Year, But Group Still Performs Friday at American Airlines Arena

Somehow, this gaffe by a one-time freestyle star went unnoticed for over a year until L.A.-based gossip site RadarOnline blew up her spot yesterday. Apparently Gioia Bruno, a  singer in popular Miami synth-pop group Expose from 1986 to 1990, was arrested in Broward County in April 2009 for trafficking meth in the amount of 28 to 200 grams.

Still, she only had two previous entries on her rap sheet, a 2002 disorderly conduct charge, and one in 2000 for a noise disturbance. As such, she was only given five years' probation for the meth charge, and the case was closed, a Broward County Central Courthouse spokesperson told RadarOnline. 

We're not sure why this is just now coming up -- we're guessing it was some frenemy who submitted the information, though. A "concerned fan" also e-mailed Crossfade a link to the RadarOnline post, and an anonymous source "close to Gioia" is quoted throughout. 

Besides this, the history of Expose has been rough in recent years. The group reformed in 2006, but, to the dismay of its original fans, only with members of its post-1986 line-up: Bruno, Jeanette Jurado, and Ann Curless. (To be fair, it was this line-up that scored big hits like "Let Me Be the One" and "What You Don't Know.")

Meanwhile, original singer Sandee passed away in December, having suffered a fatal seizure in her Hollywood home at the young age of 46. She remains beloved and sorely in freestyle circles, both as a member of Expose and as a solo artist. Super Wheels in Kendall hosted a benefit freestyle reunion concert in her honor shortly after her death, and one woman's bathroom there remains painted to look like her dressing room.

In any event, Bruno will ostensibly appear with Expose as scheduled this Friday, June 25 at the Freestyle Extravaganza 2 concert at the American Airlines Arena.

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