Cute Kittens Dressed as Evil Dictators (Photos)

Despite the shaking, nipping, and the sad, sad look on your feline's face once you've secured a tiny sombrero onto his head, dressing up your favorite four-legged friend is, well, fun. We say fully indulge in the impulse guilt free today because it's National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Yup, we're not pulling (or humping) your leg either, January 14th really is the day to dress your Chihuahua as an Oompa Loompa, utilize your pet boa constrictor in your new, totally badass Ophiuchus costume, or even dress up your in-heat Boxer as a slutty Mike Tyson.

The possibilities are endless. But here at Cultist we want to draw a line. Here are five dictators and political foes you should never dress your pets up as...unless you want them to drag their evil asses across the carpet and start stirring up political unrest.

1. Fidel Castro

Cat Name:

Furball Cat-stro

Cuban cat trivia:

Castro takes rationing to a whole new level. Because of the colossal wave of cats sweeping through Cuba's streets, the government is advocating the mass sterilization of stray cats.

2. Hugo Chavez

Cat Name:

Emperor Cha-Cha Dancy Pants

Venezuelan cat trivia:
In 2008, paleontologists found the fossils of a type of a sabre-toothed cat never before found in South America.

3. Adolf Hitler

Cat Name:

Mr. Whiskers

German cat trivia: Maus, the Pulitzer-prize winning graphic novel by Art Spiegelman, depicts Jews as mice, while Germans are represented as cats. So the idea of a Kitty Hitler or a Kitler is not so far-fetched.

4. Kim Jong-il

Cat Name:

Kitty Jong-itty-bitty-Darlingtator

Korean cat trivia:

We're not sure if this quote from a site called "It's Their Destiny" is a fact, but, it's entertaining enough: "Cats in Korea are not widely regarded as pets, but as disease carrying vermin. This does not however take them out of the food-chain. Lucky stray cats in Korea are tied in sacks and beaten to death with sticks. The unfortunate ones are boiled alive in pressure cookers with selected herbs to produce "goyangi soju", a supposed cures for various sundry ailments. "

5. Sarah Palin

(the Tea Party counts as a separate nation, right? If it does, she is their dictator.)

Cat Name:

Snuggles Pawlin

Alaskan cat trivia:
Sarah Palin hates cats! Not to mention that the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska is a cat named Stubs.

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