Miami's Ten Funniest Business Names

Naming a business might be one of the most important decisions an owner can make. You want something that effectively communicates what you offer while being both memorable and setting you apart from your competition. Or you could just choose something so awesomely off-the-wall that people have no choice but to stop in to see what you're all about -- just like these Miami shopkeeps did.

Miami's Ten Funniest Business Names

10. Pho Thang (9539 SW 160th St., Palmetto Bay)

It would take a writer much stronger than I not to open a positive review of this restaurant with the line "Pho Thang is the real thang!"

Miami's Ten Funniest Business Names

9. Sib-Bling Jewelry (546 Arthur Godfrey Rd., Miami Beach)

Unfortunately, we can't confirm this place is owned by a brother and sister who are conversant in early-00's hip-hop slang, yet, we have a sneaking suspicion that could be the case.

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