Ten Best Miami Rap Anthems Ever

Ten Best Miami Rap Anthems Ever

Everyone loves Miami. Our food, our people, our beaches.

But we here at Crossfade would argue that it's our music that puts us above the competition. We've never tried to steal anyone else's sound. We keep it 100 with grooves and style of our own.

We are leaders in the business, and especially in hip-hop. No wonder all these other rappers come to town and decide to never leave. But you know, we don't really need those guys to give us a good name. We've got plenty of homegrown anthems to rock the party all the night into the next afternoon. Here are just some of our all-time faves.

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DJ Uncle Al's "Mix It Up," AKA The Uncle Al Song

You can't have a list of Miami anthems without giving a shout out to Uncle Al. Though he passed away in 2001, his legacy is carried on by all those who follow in his footsteps, be they DJs, producers, or Miami rappers. He helped spur the whole Miami takeover of the '90s with his infectious, high-speed dance tracks and neck-breaking mixes. His flavor is Miami through and through, and we're doing our part to make sure no one ever forgets the legend.

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2 Live Crew's "Pop That Pussy"

Pshh, white people, amirite? These record execs had no idea what hit them. Back when the rest of the country was like, "What about the children?," Miami was like, "Oye, we're having a backyard BBQ this weekend. Bring your kids over, and we'll listen to 2 Live Crew." The whole world was tuned in to our booty bass, and while Tipper Gore and her homies wanted to shut us down, we knew there was nothing harmful about having a little fun. We turned out OK, right? What? Like to disagree? We can't hear you over all the awesome on this song.

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