Dress Like LMFAO: A Five-Point, Party-Rocking Fashion Guide for Being a 100% Organic Douche

Dress Like LMFAO: A Five-Point, Party-Rocking Fashion Guide for Being a 100% Organic Douche

Redfoo and Sky Blu may sound like new lines of low-cal vodka flavors. But in reality, they're just the uncle-and-nephew duo known as LMFAO. You know, like "I'm in Miami Bitch."

On Friday, June 22, they'll be shuffling across the stage of the American Airlines Arena, and they're calling on all party rockers to join them. But not just anyone can be a party rocker. If you're going to wiggle with LMFAO, you've got to look the part.

So we've put together this foolproof fashion guide to the Party Rock and get you lookin' fly. If you follow these instructions exactly, you too will look like a piece of Pop Art freeze-dried in the '80s and microwaved yesterday, which is what you're going for.

6. Make a Statement

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Let's start with the basics. You're going to need a solid, brightly colored t-shirt or tank, preferably with the sleeves removed and cut in such a way that most of your torso is visible. But more important than no-sleeves is the message. A Party Rock shirt's gotta come with big, bold block letters and some kind of hashtag statement, like "Sexy And I Know It," "Sorry For Party Rockin'," or "100% Organic Douche." This lets haters know you're here to bring it.

5. Put on Your Party Pants

The cornerstone of any good LMFAO get-up is the crazy pants. You need to go with the tightest and loudest jeans possible. Choose the most likely to clash fabric available. As with everything in your ensemble, neon animal print and sequins are highly encouraged. If you can get patchwork pants that match two seizure-inducing patterns, that's even better. Make sure to compliment your party pants with a chunky, solid, totally inappropriate belt.

4. Shuffle Shocks

Since you're shuffling every day, you're going to need some sensible and comfortable space shoes. You can get away with plain, white sneakers. But it's more effective if you go all out and choose moon boots with the biggest tongue and brightest color palette. Remember, do not match your shoes to your shirt or pants. The name of the game is color collecting, and you're trying to catch them all.

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